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Facts about Chris Priestley give the interesting facts about the author who writes the books for children. He comes from Britain. Priestley was born in 1958. During his childhood time, he lived in Wales and Gibraltar. He currently lives in Cambridge. This award winning author developed his writing passion since he was a child. Get other interesting facts about Priestley below:

Facts about Chris Priestley 1: a story competition

During a story writing competition held by a local newspaper, a nine-year-old Priestley earned a medal.

Facts about Chris Priestley 2: the teenage time

Priestley spent his teenage time by living in Newcastle-upon-Tyne in 1976. He left the town for he had to pursue higher education at Manchester Polytechnic. He wanted to learn about illustration.  He moved to London in 1980 to do freelance job.

Chris Priestley Pictures

Chris Priestley Pictures

Facts about Chris Priestley 3: the job of Priestley

Priestley was an illustrator after he graduated from the university. There were various clients who hired him to do illustrating job.

Facts about Chris Priestley 4: the magazines

There were various magazines that showed the illustration of Priestley. Those include the Observer, The Listener and the Times. He also worked in Royal Court Theater as a poster designer.

Chris Priestley Facts

Chris Priestley Facts

Facts about Chris Priestley 5: the strip cartoons

Priestley also creates various strip cartoons. He created ‘Payne’s Grey’ for the New Statesman. The Independent had Priestley’s ‘7:30 for 8:0’. He collaborated with Chris Riddell to create ‘Bestiary’ for The Independent on Sunday. The Observer has his ‘Babel’.

Facts about Chris Priestley 6: as cartoonist

Priestley worked as a cartoonist for various newspapers.  On The Independent, he was a daily cartoonist in 1996 until 1998. On The Economist, he became a weekly cartoonist from 1990 until 1996. Get facts about Chris d’Lacey here.

Chris Priestley Book

Chris Priestley Book

Facts about Chris Priestley 7: the exhibition

Due to the popularity of his works, there are several paintings of Priestley exhibited in 2013. The people could see it at Royal Academy Summer Exhibition and Eastern Open.

Facts about Chris Priestley 8: the first book for children

Dog Magic is the first book for children that Priestley writes. The book was published in 2000. Check facts about Charles Dickens here.

Facts about Chris Priestley

Facts about Chris Priestley

Facts about Chris Priestley 9: Carnegie Medal

The books of Carnegie Medal nominated for Carnegie Medal included Mister Creecher, The Dead of Winter and Montague’s Tales of Terror. This author also received Lancashire Fantastic Book Award due to his Redwulf’s Curse. In 2012, BASH was awarded for Mister Creecher.

Facts about Chris Priestley 10: other works

Other works of Priestley include Jail-breaker Jack (2001), New World (2007), The Dead of Winter (2010), The Dead Men Stood Together (2013), Blood Oath (2011), and many more.

Chris Priestley Image

Chris Priestley Image

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