10 Facts about Chris Rock

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Facts about Chris Rock present the information about the famous American actor, voice artist, comedian and producer. He was born on 7th February 1965 in Andrews, South Carolina. The full name of Rock is Christopher Julius Rock III. In the beginning of 1990s, he was popular among the audiences after he appeared in the Saturday Night Live. Actually there were several small film roles and standup comic that he had done before he became the cast member of Saturday Night Live. Get other interesting facts about Chris Rock below:

Facts about Chris Rock 1: Comedy Central

Comedy Central conducted a poll. The result stated that Chris Rock was considered as the fifth greatest stand up comedian based on the votes.

Facts about Chris Rock 2: Channel 4’s list in 2007

In 2007, Channel 4 appointed Chris Rock as the ninth greatest standup comic in United Kingdom based on the conducted votes.

Chris Rock Facts

Chris Rock Facts

Facts about Chris Rock 3: the parents

The father of Rock was a truck driver and newspaper delivery man. He was Julius Rock. His mother worked as a social worker for mentally handicapped people and as a teacher. Her name was Rosalie Rock. In 1988, his father passed away because of ulcer surgery.

Facts about Chris Rock 4: the early life

His parents decided to relocate to Crown Heights, Brooklyn, New York shortly after he was born. Then the family decided to move to Bedford–Stuyvesant, Brooklyn a few years later.

Chris Rock

Chris Rock

Facts about Chris Rock 5: the younger brothers of Chris Rock

Rock has three younger brothers who also work in the entertainment business. Those are Jordan, Kenny and Tony. Actually Rock has an older half brother. His name was Charles. He had to struggle against alcoholism which made him die in 2006.

Facts about Chris Rock 6: the performing style

Allen Rock was the paternal grandfather of Chris Rock. Rock stated that his performing style was heavily influenced by his grandfather.

Chris Rock Pic

Chris Rock Pic

Facts about Chris Rock 7: the school time

The school time for Rock was not a good memory for him. He was often beaten and bullied by the white students. His parents had to pull him out of the school because of the severe bullying. He had GED even though he dropped out of high school. Then he took the jobs in fast food restaurants. Find facts about Bradley Cooper here.

Facts about Chris Rock 8: stand up comedy

In 1984, Rock started his career as a stand-up comedy. Then he landed small roles in various movies.

Facts about Chris Rock

Facts about Chris Rock

Facts about Chris Rock 9: the first comedy album

The first comedy album of Rock was released in 1991. The title was Born Suspect. Get facts about  Chris Hemsworth here.

Facts about Chris Rock 10: the first HBO comedy special

Big Ass Jokes is the title of the first HBO comedy special starred by Rock in 1994.

Chris Rock Photo

Chris Rock Photo

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