10 Facts about Chris Ryan

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Let’s find out the information about the former British Special Forces operative and soldier on Facts about Chris Ryan. Actually it is a pseudonym. The people began to recognize him when he was able to escape during the First Gulf War in 1991. He was one of the eight members of SAS Mission Bravo Two Zero. He was the only member who could escape. Get other interesting facts about Ryan below:

Facts about Chris Ryan 1: as an author

Ryan turned into an author by writing various fiction and nonfiction books. The successful one is Extreme series. It is available in e-book version.

Facts about Chris Ryan 2: the other popular books

The other popular books made by Ryan are Most Wanted, One Good Turn, Night Strike, The Kill Zone, The One That Got Away, and Hard Target.

Chris Ryan Image

Chris Ryan Image

Facts about Chris Ryan 3: the place of birth

The place of birth of Ryan was in Rowlands Gill, Tyne and Wear, North East England.

Facts about Chris Ryan 4: education

Ryan went to Hookergate secondary school for his early education. When he was 16 years old, he became a boy soldier in the army. He was included in 23rd SAS after he passed several selections.

Chris Ryan Facts

Chris Ryan Facts

Facts about Chris Ryan 5: Bravo Two Zero patrol members

The members of Bravo Two Zero patrol members include Pring, Phillips, McNab, Coburn, Lane, MacGown, Consiglio, and Chris Ryan. This patrol was sent to Iraq during the First Gulf War.

Facts about Chris Ryan 6: the job of the patrol

The main jobs of the patrol were to set up an OP, gather intelligence, and find a good lying up position/LUP. Get Facts about Audie Murphy here.

Chris Ryan

Chris Ryan

Facts about Chris Ryan 7: the SAS history

Ryan raised prominence after he made SAS history. He made the longest escape and evasion. He reached the distance 190 miles or 300 km to escape during the war.  The distance was more than that of Jack Sillito, an SAS trooper in 1942 in Sahara Desert. Ryan’s was 160 km or 100 miles more than Sillito’s.

Facts about Chris Ryan 8: the escape

Ryan drank the nuclear-waste contaminated water which made him experience some injuries during the escape. He did not come back to the operational duties because he lost 16.32 kilogram and had muscle atrophy.

Chris Ryan Pictures

Chris Ryan Pictures

Facts about Chris Ryan 9: discharge from SAS

In 1994, Ryan discharged from SAS in honorable state. Before his discharge, there were several potential recruits selected and trained by Ryan.

Facts about Chris Ryan 10: the mission in Zaire

Ryan had been in Zaire as a member of SAS team. The main job was to give protection for British Embassy in the country. Check facts about Chris Kyle here.

Facts about Chris Ryan

Facts about Chris Ryan

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