10 Facts about Christian Dior

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Facts about Christian Dior will tell you about the life and career of the famous French fashion designer. He was born on 21st January 1905 and died on 23rd October 1957. Dior established a top fashion house which bears his name. Today, Groupe Arnault is the owner of this prominent fashion house in the world.  Check other interesting facts about Dior by reading the following post below:

Facts about Christian Dior 1: the birthplace of Dior

The birthplace of Dior was located in a seaside town on Normandy Coast in France called Granville.

Facts about Christian Dior 2: the parents of Dior

Dior was from a wealthy family because his father earned the living as a fertilizer manufacturer. His name was Maurice Dior. Dior Freres was the name of the family firm. His mother was Isabelle Cardamone.

christian dior pictures

christian dior pictures

Facts about Christian Dior 3: the siblings

There were four siblings that Dior had. They were Catherine, Bernard, Jacqueline and Raymond. Christian was the second child in the family.

Facts about Christian Dior 4: moving to Paris

The family relocated to Paris when Dior was 5 years old. During the summer holidays, the family would spend the vacation in Normandy coast. Check facts about Coco Chanel here.

christian dior facts

christian dior facts

Facts about Christian Dior 5: as a diplomat

Dior was interested with art even though his family wanted him to become a diplomat. He earned 10 cents for each fashion sketch that he created to get money outside the house.

Facts about Christian Dior 6: leaving school

Dior left school in 1928. He established a small art gallery from the money that he earned from his father. This gallery sold the art and was run by Dior and his friend. He had to close his art gallery when the finance of the family was damaged during the Great Depression.

christian dior images

christian dior images

Facts about Christian Dior 7: fashion designer

Robert Piguet was a fashion designer who employed Dior in 1937. Dior had an opportunity to create three Piguet collections. Cafe Anglais was a term used to call a day dress with a full and short skirt. It was designer by Dior for Piguet. This dress was positively received. Check facts about denim here.

Facts about Christian Dior 8: after the military army

Dior and Balmain were the main designers when he joined the fashion house of Lucien Lelong after he left the army in 1942.

Facts about Christian Dior

Facts about Christian Dior

Facts about Christian Dior 9: the death of Dior

On 23rd October 1957, Dior died when he had a holiday in Montecatini, Italy.

Facts about Christian Dior 10: the cause of the death

The obituary in Time stated that Dior passed away because of a heart attack after playing card game. But there were some reports which suggested that he died because of heart attack due to the fish bone choking.



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