10 Facts about Christmas

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Facts about Christmas tell you about one of the most notable holidays in the world. The dyed goose feathers were used as the materials to create artificial Christmas trees by the German people. Now you can find a lot of artificial trees in the world that you can get from various stores. The people celebrate Christmas on 25 December every year. The Christmas celebration was made official by the bishop of Rome, Pope Julius I in AD 350. Get other interesting facts about Christmas below:

Facts about Christmas 1: the importance of this festival

When the people celebrate Christmas, they commemorate the birth date of Jesus Christ. The people celebrate it on December 25th. There are billions of people who celebrate the day around the world.

Facts about Christmas 2: the public holiday

Christmas is considered as a public holiday in various countries in the world. Sometimes, the non Christian people also celebrate it since it is included as a part of the holiday season.

Christmas Facts

Christmas Facts

Facts about Christmas 3: the modern custom of Christmas day

There are various custom developed during the modern days. The people often celebrate Christmas by giving the beloved one gift and cards.

Facts about Christmas 4: the activities

The activities that people do during Christmas are having special meals, exchanging of Christmas Cards, having church services, lighting a Christingle and others. Get facts about Christianity here.

Christmas Image

Christmas Image

Facts about Christmas 5: Christmas decorations

The people also decorate the houses by using interesting and festive decorations such as installing Christmas lighting all over the house. The people also put a Christmas tree next to the fireplace. You can also use wreath, garlands, holly, mistletoe and nativity scenes for decorating the house, churches and other public buildings.

Facts about Christmas 6: Santa Claus

Santa Claus is one of the important figures during the Christmas celebration. The kids always want to get gifts from Santa.

Christmas Pic

Christmas Pic

Facts about Christmas 7: the sales

During the Christmas, the sales are increased for the businesses and retailers. It greatly affects the economy of various countries.

Facts about Christmas 8: the lighting

There are more than 3.5 million lights for Christmas display that you can find in Clifton Mill in Clifton, Ohio.

Facts about Christmas

Facts about Christmas

Facts about Christmas 9: the traditional colors of Christmas

Gold, green and red are included as the traditional colors during the Christmas celebration. The eternal life is symbolized in green. The blood of Jesus is symbolized with red. Gold symbolizes the royalty. Find facts about Chinese New Year.

Facts about Christmas 10: the custom of Christmas tree

Queen Charlotte introduced the custom of having Christmas tree in Britain from Germany. It was more popular after Prince Albert also introduced it during Queen Victoria’s reign.



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