10 Facts about Christopher Bruce

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Facts about Christopher Bruce tell you about the British performer and choreographer. Until 2002, he became Artistic Director of the Rambert Dance Company. He was born in Leicester on October 3rd, 1945. When he was 11 years old, he started to study dance. In 1963, he joined Rambert Ballet after he was educated at Rambert School. Check other interesting facts about Bruce below:

Facts about Christopher Bruce 1: the works

In 1964, Bruce appeared in the Don Quixote. In 1966, he performed in Coppelia. He was the leading male dancer.

Facts about Christopher Bruce 2: an associate director

Bruce was selected as the associate director in 1977.  In 1979 until 1987, Bruce took the job as the Associate Choreographer. During his career in the company, Bruce had made more than 20 works.

Christopher Bruce Facts

Christopher Bruce Facts

Facts about Christopher Bruce 3: London Festival Ballet

In London Festival Ballet, Bruce became an associate choreographer in 1986 until 1991. Then he was in ENB. In 1989, he became a resident choreographer for Houston Ballet.

Facts about Christopher Bruce 4: an artist direction

In RDC, he was selected as the artistic director in 1994. Bruce often creates an impressive work by mixing the modern dance and classical ballet in his performance.

Christopher Bruce

Christopher Bruce

Facts about Christopher Bruce 5: his popular music

He often used the popular music as the background of his performance. He chose Rolling Stones and Bob Dylan.

Facts about Christopher Bruce 6: the productions of Bruce

There are various productions that Bruce made. Those included ‘Rooster’ (1991), ‘Swansong’ (1987), ‘Ghost Dances’ (1981), ‘Cruel Garden’ (1977), Sergeant Early’s Dream, and Moonshine.

Facts about Christopher Bruce

Facts about Christopher Bruce

Facts about Christopher Bruce 7: in 2014

Christopher Bruce’s Ten Poems were presented by Scottish Ballet in 2014. Find facts about Chris Gilmour here.

Facts about Christopher Bruce 8: the works of Bruce

Bruce created various works. He made it for Cullberg Ballet, Houston Ballet, Nederlands Dans Theater and Rambert. Therefore, Bruce is seen as a notable choreographer nationally and internationally.

Christopher Bruce Pic

Christopher Bruce Pic

Facts about Christopher Bruce 9: the association

The people always connect Bruce with Houston Ballet and English National Ballet. Get facts about Chris Ofili here.

Facts about Christopher Bruce 10: a CBE

Bruce is always known as one of the leading dancers and choreographers in Britain. Due to his big contribution to dance, he earned CBE. It is one of the big honors in the country. He is also appointed by University of Exeter as the visiting honorary professor.

Christopher Bruce Work

Christopher Bruce Work

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