10 Facts about Christopher Columbus

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Get the interesting information about the famous explorer on Facts about Christopher Columbus.  He was born in Republic of Genoa, Italy 20 May 1450/1451. But the certainty of the birthplace is still doubtful. His father was an owner of cheese stand. He worked as a wool weaver. In the family, Columbus had three brothers. They were Giacomo, Giovanni Pellegrino and Bartolomeo. Bianchinetta was his sister. Check other interesting facts about Columbus:

Facts about Christopher Columbus 1: leaving the school

Columbus left school when he was 14 years. He was an apprentice at the wool workshop of his father. Then he became a merchant on a trading ship.

Facts about Christopher Columbus 2: the first long voyage

Columbus had his first long voyage when he was only 19 years old. He did it in 1470. He had his trip in the Aegean Sea to reach the island of Chios. He was on the ship of one of his employers.

Christopher Columbus Facts

Christopher Columbus Facts

Facts about Christopher Columbus 3: learning ship navigating

The experts believe that that Columbus learned how to steer and navigate the ship in 1475 when he was in the second trip to reach Chios.

Facts about Christopher Columbus 4: the physical appearance

Let’s find out the physical appearance of Columbus. He was 5′ 7? high. During the middle Ages, Columbus had average height for men. He had pale blue eyes, a hooked nose, pale skin, and red blond hair.

Christopher Columbus

Christopher Columbus

Facts about Christopher Columbus 5: living in Portugal

When Columbus lived in Portugal, he and his brother, Bartolomeo had a bookselling and mapmaking shop.

Facts about Christopher Columbus 6: the sons of Columbus

The kids of Columbus included Diego Columbus and Fernando. He had both sons from two different women. Get facts about Captain Scott here.

Christopher Columbus Pic

Christopher Columbus Pic

Facts about Christopher Columbus 7: the New World

Columbus believed that he was in the Indies when he landed on the New World. He believed that he met the Indians. There is no need to wonder that the Native American people are often called the Indians even though 500 years have been passed.

Facts about Christopher Columbus 8: the religious person

Columbus was a very religious person. The lands that he discovered were given religious names by him. He often stated that God called him in his various voyages.

Christopher Columbus' Ship

Christopher Columbus’ Ship

Facts about Christopher Columbus 9: the fourth voyage

Columbus experienced a severe pain during his fourth voyage. He had joint pain and bled eyes. The experts believed that he had Reiter’s Syndrome. Get facts about James Cook here.

Facts about Christopher Columbus 10: death

Columbus died at the age of 55 years on 20 May 1506 in Valladolid, Spain.

Facts about Christopher Columbus

Facts about Christopher Columbus

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