10 Facts about Christopher Marlowe

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If you want to know the famous poet, translator and playwright for England, you have to check Facts about Christopher Marlowe. Marlowe lived in 1564 until 1593. He was born in Canterbury, Kent, England. His mother was Catherine, while his father was John Marlowe. On 26th February 1564, he was baptized at St George’s Church. Check other interesting facts about Christopher Marlowe below:

Facts about Christopher Marlowe 1: the education

Marlowe was educated at The King’s School in Canterbury. Then he went to Cambridge to study at Corpus Christi College after he earned a scholarship from the university. In 1584, he got Bachelor of Arts degree

Facts about Christopher Marlowe 2: the nickname

The nickname of Christopher Marlowe is Kit Marlowe. The exact birthday of Marlowe is not known until today.

Christopher Marlowe Poet

Christopher Marlowe Poet

Facts about Christopher Marlowe 3: Elizabethan era

During the Elizabethan era, Marlowe was recognized as a notable poet, translator and playwright. He was also considered as the notable tragedian in that era.

Facts about Christopher Marlowe 4: the characteristics of Marlowe’s plays

If you check the plays of Marlowe, most of them were created using the overreaching protagonist and black verse.

Christopher Marlowe Plays

Christopher Marlowe Plays

Facts about Christopher Marlowe 5: an arrest

On 18 May 1593, there was a warrant for his arrest. The main reason for his arrest was not known. The people believed that it had something to do with the allegation of blasphemy.

Facts about Christopher Marlowe 6: to the court

He was captured and brought to the court on 20 May 1593. It was scheduled for him to be questioned by the Privy Council. However, there was no record that he met the council.

Christopher Marlowe Facts

Christopher Marlowe Facts

Facts about Christopher Marlowe 7: death of Marlowe

Marlowe died after Ingram Frizer stabbed him 10 days later. The people can only speculate whether the death was related to the arrest or not.

Facts about Christopher Marlowe 8: Dido, Queen of Carthage

It is believed that the first drama that Marlowe wrote is Dido, Queen of Carthage. Children of the Chapel was a company of boy actors who made the performance of this drama in 1587 until 1593. In 1594, the first play was published. Find facts about Chris Ofili here.

Christopher Marlowe

Christopher Marlowe

Facts about Christopher Marlowe 9: the sexuality

Marlowe was subject of controversy. The people sometimes describe him as a homosexual.

Facts about Christopher Marlowe 10: the plays

There are various plays made Marlowe. Those include The Massacre at Paris, Edward II, Doctor Faustus, Doctor Faustus and Tamburlaine. Get facts about Christopher Bruce here.

Facts about Christopher Marlowe

Facts about Christopher Marlowe

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