10 Facts about Christopher Newport

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Facts about Christopher Newport present the interesting information about the English privateer and seamen. He was born in 1561 and died in 1617. The people recognize him as captain of the Susan Constant. In 1607, the ships were on sail. The main purpose was to discover the settlement in the Virginia colony at Jamestown. In North America, it was considered as the first permanent English settlement. Get other facts about Newport below:

Facts about Christopher Newport 1: the Godspeed and the Discovery

The Godspeed and the Discovery were also under the command of Newport. Both of them were the other important ships during the initial voyage.

Facts about Christopher Newport 2: Sea Venture

Sea Venture was the name of the new supply ship of the Virginia Company. In 1609, Newport was selected as the Captain of the ship. During the Third Supply Mission, the ship was wrecked by the hurricane. It landed on Bermuda archipelago.

Facts about Christopher Newport

Facts about Christopher Newport

Facts about Christopher Newport 3: the honor

Due to his contribution, several places are named after him. Those include Christopher Newport University. It is located in Newport News, Virginia. Another place is Newport, Kentucky. It is a suburb of Cincinnati.

Facts about Christopher Newport 4: Anglo–Spanish War

During Anglo–Spanish War, Newport was a privateer for nearly 20 years. He robbed the Spanish ships on the Caribbean.

Christopher Newport Ship

Christopher Newport Ship

Facts about Christopher Newport 5: the privateer ships

There were various privateer ships that Newport commanded. The ships included the Golden Dragon, the Margaret, and Little John.

Facts about Christopher Newport 6: lost an arm

Do you know that Newport lost an arm when he captured a Spanish galleon in 1590? The Madre de Deus was a Portuguese ship that Newport captured in August 1592. His ships carried gemstones, silks and spices when it returned to English’s port.

Christopher Newport Picture

Christopher Newport Picture

Facts about Christopher Newport 7: Puerto Caballos

In 1603, Puerto Caballos was raided by Newport in his last mission. Since he was funded by the London merchants, he had to share the spoils with them. Check Facts about Captain James Stirling here.

Facts about Christopher Newport 8: exotic animals

Since King James I was attracted with the exotic animals, he carried a wild boar and two baby crocodiles to England after he finished the mission to Caribbean in 1605.

Christopher Newport Pic

Christopher Newport Pic

Facts about Christopher Newport 9: a settlement

Virginia Company of London got a proprietorship from King James I to form a settlement in Virginia Colony. Therefore, the company hired him in 1606 for this mission due to his reputation. Get facts about Captain Scott here.

Facts about Christopher Newport 10: Jamestown

Jamestown was the initial settlement established by Newport. The name was used to honor King James of England.

Christopher Newport Facts

Christopher Newport Facts

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