10 Facts about Christopher Sholes

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One of the famous inventors in the world is explained on Facts about Christopher Sholes. He was born on 14 February 1819 and died on 17 February 1890. Sholes is the inventor of the first practical typewriter and QWERTY keyboard. Sholes was only an inventor. Do you know he was a politician from Wisconsin and a newspaper publisher? Check other interesting facts about Sholes below:

Facts about Christopher Sholes 1: the place of birth

Let’s find out the place of birth of Sholes. He was born in Mooresburg, Montour County, Pennsylvania. Sholes was an apprentice to a printer after he relocated to an area located near Danville.

Facts about Christopher Sholes 2: moving

Sholes moved several times in his life. In 1837, he relocated to Milwaukee, Wisconsin after he completed his apprenticeship. Then he moved again to Southport, Wisconsin.

Christopher Sholes Facts

Christopher Sholes Facts

Facts about Christopher Sholes 3: as a politician

Sholes was also a politician in Wisconsin. In 1848 until 1849, he was member of Wisconsin State Senate from Democrat Party. In 1852 until 1853, he was a Free Soiler for Wisconsin State Assembly. In 1856 until 1857, he was in the Senate as a Republican.

Facts about Christopher Sholes 4: the capital punishment

Sholes was one of the influential persons who contributed a lot to the abolishment of the capital punishment in Wisconsin.

Facts about Christopher Sholes

Facts about Christopher Sholes

Facts about Christopher Sholes 5: The Kenosha Telegraph

The Kenosha Telegraph was the newspaper of Sholes. In 1851, his newspaper published the report of John McCaffary’s trial.

Facts about Christopher Sholes 6: a campaign

Sholes was the leader for the campaign in the Wisconsin State Assembly in 1853.

Christopher Sholes Pic

Christopher Sholes Pic

Facts about Christopher Sholes 7: the older brother of Sholes

Sholes had an older brother. His name was Charles Sholes. He lived in 1816 until 1867. This man was a politician and newspaper publisher too. Charles served as a mayor of Kenosha and Wisconsin State Legislature.

Facts about Christopher Sholes 8: the first commercially successful type writer

The first commercially successful type writer was invented by Sholes even though Henry Mill had invented the earliest typewriter in 1714. Find facts about beam bridges here.

Christopher Sholes Invention

Christopher Sholes Invention

Facts about Christopher Sholes 9: the typewriter of Sholes

If you want to know the typewriter of Sholes, you can go to Buffalo History Museum. It owned Sholes typewriter in 1873. Get Facts about Catalytic Converters here.

Facts about Christopher Sholes 10: death

Sholes died on 17 February 1890. His graveyard is located at Forest Home Cemetery in Milwaukee. He had struggled against TBC for 9 years.

Christopher Sholes

Christopher Sholes

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