10 Facts about Christopher Wren

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Get the interesting Facts about Christopher Wren in the following post below. He was one of the notable architects in the history. This man was from England. He was born on October 20th, 1632 and died on February 25th, 1723. During his career as an architect, he had rebuilt 52 churches in London. There were many churches damaged in London due to the Great Fire in 1666. Check other interesting facts about Wren below:

Facts about Christopher Wren 1: one of the notable masterpieces

One of the prominent masterpieces of Wren is Saint Paul’s Cathedral. The construction was completed in 1710. The cathedral is located Ludgate Hill.

Facts about Christopher Wren 2: the other prominent buildings of Wren

Can you mention other prominent building created by Wren? Those include the south front of Hampton Court Palace and Royal Naval College located in Greenwich.

Christopher Wren Image

Christopher Wren Image

Facts about Christopher Wren 3: the building for Wren

One of the buildings attributed to Wren is located at the College of William and Mary. The main building was named the Wren Building. In United States, the Wren Building is considered as the oldest academic building in the continuous usage.

Facts about Christopher Wren 4: the education

Most people recognize Wren as a notable architect. Actually he was also a geometer, astronomer, anatomist, and mathematician-physicist. He went to University of Oxford to study Aristotelian physics. Therefore, Wren was educated in Latin.

Christopher Wren Pic

Christopher Wren Pic

Facts about Christopher Wren 5: president of Royal Society

In 1680 until 1682, he was appointed as the president of Royal Society. Actually he founded the organization. Blaise Pascal as well as Isaac Newton appreciated his scientific works. Check Castle facts here.

Facts about Christopher Wren 6: the place of birth

The place of birth of Wren is located in East Knoyle, Wiltshire. His mother was Mary Cox, while his father was Christopher Wren Sr. Before his father was Dean of Windsor, he was the rector of East Knoyle.

Christopher Wren Pictures

Christopher Wren Pictures

Facts about Christopher Wren 7: Wren as a child

When he was a child, Wren was sickly. But he could survive well.

Facts about Christopher Wren 8: the early education

For his early education, his father and his private tutor educated him at home. Rev. William Shepherd was the local clergyman who taught him when he was at East Knoyle. Get facts about Chester Cathedral here.

Sir Christopher Wren

Sir Christopher Wren

Facts about Christopher Wren 9: Wadham College, Oxford

Wren was educated at Wadham College, Oxford on June 25th, 1650. He learned the works of Aristotle and Latin. He graduated in 1651 and received his BA. He had MA two years later.

Facts about Christopher Wren 10: experiments

Wren liked to do various experiments and observations. He led to the micrometer invention for telescope due to his observation on the moon. He also did medical experiments and other scientific experiments.

Facts about Christopher Wren

Facts about Christopher Wren

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