10 Facts about Chromatography

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Let’s find about the interesting Facts about chromatography in the below post. It is a technique used by the scientists when they want to separate mixtures. The word chromatography is taken from Greek. The meaning of chroma is color, while the word graphein means to write. Get other interesting facts about chromatography below:

Facts about Chromatography 1: the mobile phase

The mobile phase is the name of the fluid used by the scientists to dissolve the mixture. The stationary phase is the structure holding material.

Facts about Chromatography 2: the types of Chromatography

There are two main types of chromatography. It can be the analytical or the preparative one. The former one is functioned to find out the analyte’s relative proportion in a mixture, the latter is conducted for advanced usage. For example, the scientists can perform the preparative one to do purification on a certain mixture.

Facts about Chromatography

Facts about Chromatography

Facts about Chromatography 3: Mikhail Tsvet

Mikhail Tsvet was the Italian born scientist who employed the process of chromatography for the first time in 1900 in Russia.

Facts about Chromatography 4: the works of Tsvet

Tsvet contributed a lot to the field of chromatography for he made experiments about it in the first 10 years of 20th century. He tried to create a separation on the xanthophylls, carotenes and chlorophyll using chromatography.


Chromatography Process

Chromatography Process

Facts about Chromatography 5: the color

Xanthophylls, carotenes and chlorophyll have different colors. Those are yellow, orange and green respectively. Therefore, the technique is based on the different color on the substance.

Facts about Chromatography 6: the development of chromatography

In 1930s and 1940s, chromatography developed the new types of chromatography. Therefore, there are various mixtures which can be separated using the new techniques.

Chromatography Pic

Chromatography Pic

Facts about Chromatography 7: the substantial development

The substantial development of chromatography technique was observed in 1940s and 1950s. It is due to the contribution of the works of Archer John Porter Martin and Richard Laurence Millington Synge. Find facts about Christopher Sholes here.

Facts about Chromatography 8: the impacts of chromatography development

Due to the well developed chromatography techniques in 1940s and 1950s. The people can encourage the development of new techniques which include the gas chromatography, paper chromatography, and liquid chromatography.

Chromatography Image

Chromatography Image

Facts about Chromatography 9: The analyte

The analyte has been mentioned above. This substance is important during the chromatography process. It is the substance to be separated. What the scientist needs in the mixture is considered as the analyte. Get facts about cell phones here.

Facts about Chromatography 10: the analytical chromatography

The process used to decide the concentration or existence of the analyte is called the analytical chromatography.

Chromatography Facts

Chromatography Facts

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