10 Facts about Chromium

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tell you about the chemical element in the periodic table which has the symbol Cr. The atomic number is 24. It has the weight at 51.996. If you want to check chromium, it is the first element in the 6th column. It has solid form at the room temperature. It is classified as transition metal. Get other interesting facts about chromium below:

Facts about Chromium 1: the melting point and boiling point

Chromium has the boiling point at 4840 degree F or 2671 degree C. The melting point is 3465 degree F or 1907 degree C.

Facts about Chromium 2: the density

Chromium has the density at 7.19 grams per cm cubed. Chromium has 24 protons and 24 electrons.

Facts about Chromium

Facts about Chromium

Facts about Chromium 3: chromium in standard condition

When chromium is kept inside the standard condition, it has silvery color. Moreover, the texture of chromium is hard.

Facts about Chromium 4: corrosion

Chromium can be protected against corrosion if you polish the surface. The finish reminds you with the shining mirror.

Chromium Pictures

Chromium Pictures

Facts about Chromium 5: the reaction

Chromium is considered as an active element even though it is a metal. It will react with other elements such as oxygen. But chromium and water will not react. Find facts about chemical reactions here.

Facts about Chromium 6: the colors

The colors of chromium compounds are interesting to note. The purple color is seen on anhydrous chromium (III) chloride. The green color is found on chromium (III) oxide. The red hint is on chromium (III) oxide. You can perceive yellow color on lead chromate.

Chromium Pic

Chromium Pic

Facts about Chromium 7: a free element

It is not easy for the people to find out Chromium as a free element in the nature. It is very rare. It is included in the 24th most abundant element on earth. People can get it in the form of ore on the earth’s crust. Cromite is the common ore that people collect to get chromium.

Facts about Chromium 8: alloys

Chromium can be used to produce alloys since it can be mixed with other metals. The manufacturers can produce stainless steel by mixing chromium and steel.

Chromium Image

Chromium Image

Facts about Chromium 9: superalloys

Chromium is also used to make superalloys. It is made by mixing nickel and chromium. Superalloys are mostly used in the production of jet engines. Get facts about chlorine here.

Facts about Chromium 10: Nicolas L. Vauquelin

In 1797, Nicolas L. Vauquelin discovered chromium. He was a chemist from France. The name chromium is taken from the Greek chroma. It means color.

Chromium Facts

Chromium Facts

Are you impressed reading facts about chromium?

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