10 Facts about Chromosomes

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If you want to know the tiny structures inside the cells, you have to check Facts about Chromosomes. Chromosomes are very important for human being for they contain the information. They tell the cells how to replicate and function. They are made of protein, RNA and DNA. Each person has unique set of chromosomes. Get other interesting facts about chromosomes below:

Facts about Chromosomes 1: the functions of chromosomes

The chromosomes of each person are very unique. The chromosomes will tell the height of the person, the hair color, eye color, skin color, and many more.

Facts about Chromosomes 2: the location of chromosomes

Let’s find out the location of chromosomes. Each cell has chromosomes located in the nucleus. There are 46 chromosomes per cell.



Facts about Chromosomes 3: how to see chromosomes

It is not easy for the people to see chromosomes for they are very thin and small. Even though you have powerful microscope, you cannot see them. However, the scientist can see them by using a very high powered microscope. The appearance of chromosomes reminds you with short little worms. They are available in pairs.

Facts about Chromosomes 4: the chromatic form

The chromosomes are in the chromatin form when the cell is in the interphase form. At that time, there is no division in the cell. During the chromatin form, the chromosomes are in the thin and long and strand.

Chromosomes Pic

Chromosomes Pic

Facts about Chromosomes 5: the different chromosomes

There are various kinds of information that the chromosomes carry. One chromosome carries the information about the blood type, while the other chromosomes may contain the information about the hair type, skin type and eye color.

Facts about Chromosomes 6: the genes

The genes are the specific sections of DNA located at each chromosome. They are described as the unit of hereditary. It will determine the traits that the person will inherit from the parents as well as the way the person grows.

Chromosomes image

Chromosomes image

Facts about Chromosomes 7: allele

Allele is the term used to call the specific sequence of a gene. The people who have brown hair own the allele which determines the brown hair color. Find facts about blue eyes here.

Facts about Chromosomes 8: the chromosomes of human beings

Human has the 46 chromosomes or 23 different pairs of chromosomes. We inherit 23 of them from the father, while the other 23 chromosomes from our mother.

Chromosomes Facts

Chromosomes Facts

Facts about Chromosomes 9: the number of chromosomes

The pairs of chromosomes have number 1 until number 22. The X/Y pair is used to call the additional pair of chromosomes.

Facts about Chromosomes 10: the function of the X/Y pair of chromosomes

The XY one is owned by boys, while the XX is owned by the girls. Get facts about childbirth here.

Facts about Chromosomes

Facts about Chromosomes

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