10 Facts about Chuck Close

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Get the interesting information about the American photographer and painter on Facts about Chuck Close. He was born on 5 July 1940. His full name is Charles Thomas Close. People always recognize him due to his huge and massive scale portraits. Close is called as a photorealist. If you look at the human portrait of Close, he often used the intricate pattern and creative style. Check other interesting fact about Chuck Close below:

Facts about Chuck Close 1: the work and paint production

There are many art collectors and museums who want to have the works of Close. In 1988, Close was paralyzed due to his catastrophic spinal artery collapse.

Facts about Chuck Close 2: the working and place of living

If you want to visit Close, you can come to his working place. It is located in Bridgehampton, New York and East Village of New York City.

Chuck Close Art

Chuck Close Art

Facts about Chuck Close 3: the personal life

Once, Close married to Leslie Rose. Both have two daughters. In 2011, the couple divorced. The wife of Close now is Sienna Shields. She is an artist.

Facts about Chuck Close 4: the early life

The name of his mother was Mildred Wagner Close. His father was Leslie Durward Close. When Close was only 11 years old, his father passed away. Close was born in Monroe, Washington.

Chuck Close Picture

Chuck Close Picture

Facts about Chuck Close 5: the photos of Close

The photos or works of Close are always characterized by using the Hyperrealism or photorealism techniques. He has the photos in super large portrait. The subjects usually are his friends, family and other artists.

Facts about Chuck Close 6: prosopagnosia

Prosopagnosia is face blindness. Close has this health problem. He loves to take photos because of this condition.

Chuck Close Pic

Chuck Close Pic

Facts about Chuck Close 7: John Patric

One of the persons who influenced Close was John Patric. He was an author and a notable Snohomish County resident. Find facts about Chris Gilmour here.

Facts about Chuck Close 8: education

Close was graduated from University of Washington in Seattle and earned his BA in 1962. Then he went to Yale Summer School of Music and Art in 1961 after he became the winner of a coveted scholarship. In 1964, he had MFA after he was enrolled on the graduate degree program at Yale University.

Chuck Close

Chuck Close

Facts about Chuck Close 9: another education

Close went to Fine Arts Vienna after he graduated from Yale University. He became an art teacher at University of Massachusetts after he returned to United States. Get facts about Christopher Marlowe here.

Facts about Chuck Close 10: an established artist

Close became an established artist in SoHo after he went to New York City in 1967.

Chuck Close Artist

Chuck Close Artist

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