10 Facts about Chuck Yeager

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Let’s find out the retired brigadier general in US Air Force on Facts about Chuck Yeager. He was born on 13th February 1923. His full name is Charles Elwood Yeager. People call him Chuck. He was famous as a record setting test pilot. Yeager took the record as the first pilot who surpassed the speed of sound in level flight in 1947. Check other interesting facts about Yeager below:

Facts about Chuck Yeager 1: the military career

Yeager was a private in the Air Forces of United States during the Second World War. It was considered as the beginning of his military career.

Facts about Chuck Yeager 2: pilot training

He followed a pilot training in September 1942 after he became an aircraft mechanic. He earned the flight officer rank after he finished the training. Then he was appointed as the P-51 fighter pilot.

Chuck Yeager Photo

Chuck Yeager Photo

Facts about Chuck Yeager 3: the military career after the war

After the Second World War ended, he became a test pilot. There were various aircrafts tested by Yeager. One of them was the experimental aircraft. It was powered by experimental rocket.

Facts about Chuck Yeager 4: experimental Bell X-1

Yeager made a wonderful record during his test flight with the experimental Bell X-1 on 14th October 1947 at Mach 1. He flew it at the height at 13,700 meter or 45,000 feet. He is called as the first human who can break the sound barrier.

Facts about Chuck Yeager

Facts about Chuck Yeager

Facts about Chuck Yeager 5: Scott Crossfield

I 1953, Scott Crossfield was considered as the first man who could fly more than Mach 2. But the new record was surpassed by Yeager after he flew at Mach 2.44.

Facts about Chuck Yeager 6: the fighter squadron

During the Vietnam War in Southeast Asia and in Germany, Yeager was appointed as the commander of the fighter squadrons and wings. Yeager was promoted as brigadier general due to his brilliant performance rating.

Chuck Yeager

Chuck Yeager

Facts about Chuck Yeager 7: the flying career

The flying career of Yeager lasts for more than 60 years. He had the flight in various areas in the world. During the Cold War, he had covered Soviet Union. Find facts about Chris Ryan here.

Facts about Chuck Yeager 8: the early life

His parents were Susie Mae and Albert Hal. Chuck was born in Myra, West Virginia on 13th February 1923. In June 1941, Chuck graduated from the high school located in Hamlin, West Virginia.

Chuck Yeager Pilot

Chuck Yeager Pilot

Facts about Chuck Yeager 9: the personal life

Yeager and Glennis Dickhouse married on 26 February 1945. The couple had 4 kids. Get facts about Chris Kyle here.

Facts about Chuck Yeager 10: honors and achievements

Yeager received Harmon Trophy in 1953. Due to his sound barrier breaking record, he was awarded with Congressional Silver Medal in 1976.

Chuck Yeager Facts

Chuck Yeager Facts

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