10 Facts about CIA

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If you want to know the civilian foreign intelligence service within the government of United States, you need to check facts about CIA. The primary tool to perform the task of CIA is using HUMINT. It is the human intelligence. Do you know the main task of CIA? The CIA agents have to gather, process, and analyze the information of national security all over the world. Check other interesting facts about CIA below:

Facts about CIA 1: IC

IC stands for Intelligence Community. CIA is one of the members of IC. Director of National Intelligence will get the reports from CIA. Then the report will be given to the President and Cabinet.

Facts about CIA 2: CIA and FBI

CIA and FBI work differently. The jobs of CIA are focused on the gathering overseas information. It collects small amount of information in the domestic service. On the other hand, the domestic security service is at the hand of FBI or Federal Bureau of Investigation.

CIA Image

CIA Image

Facts about CIA 3: the national manager

The national manager for coordination and deconfliction of HUMINT activities is at the hand of CIA even though this agency is not the only one which focuses on the HUMINT in United States.

Facts about CIA 4: President and CIA

The President has the right to ask CIA to watch over covert action on his behalf. If the president sees that CIA is not suitable to carry the action, he or she can ask another agency to do it.

CIA Office

Facts about CIA 5: the Intelligence Reform and Terrorism Prevention Act

The Intelligence Reform and Terrorism Prevention Act is the new rule applied in the United States today. In the past, the head of the Intelligence Community was at the hand of CIA Director. Now, this position is taken by Director of National Intelligence due to the presence of the Intelligence Reform and Terrorism Prevention Act.

Facts about CIA 6: the size of CIA

The size of CIA as an agency is bigger now after the 11 September terrorist attack. Get facts about Boko Haram here.

CIA Staff

CIA Staff

Facts about CIA 7: the budget

The largest budget for IC agencies in United States was taken by CIA in 2010. That’s based on the report of The Washington Post in 2013.

Facts about CIA 8: the roles of CIA

the roles of CIA are expanding now. One of them is to covert paramilitary operation.

Facts about CIA

Facts about CIA

Facts about CIA 9: IOC

IOC stands for Information Operations Center. It is one of the divisions in CIA. The main job is for cyber operation. In the past, it took the job for counter terrorism. Find facts about CERN here.

Facts about CIA 10: criticism

There are several activities conducted by CIA which earn criticism from the public such as targeted killings, human experiments and torture.



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