10 Facts about Cicadas

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Get the interesting information about a super family of insects on Facts about Cicadas. It is included in the suborder Auchenorrhyncha and order Hemiptera. The other members include froghoppers. The scientists have described around 2,500 species of cicadas. But three are still many species cicadas left undescribed. Find out other interesting cicadas facts below:

Facts about Cicadas 1: the prominent appearance

Let’s find out the prominent appearance of cicadas. It has membranous front wings, short antennae and wide apart eyes.

Facts about Cicadas 2: the loud song

Do you know that cicadas generate loud song? The vibration of drum like tymbals generates the songs due to the rapid movement.

Facts about Cicadas

Facts about Cicadas

Facts about Cicadas 3: the existing cicadas

During the Upper Permian period, the fossil of Cicadomorpha was founded here. Now you can find cicadas in various parts of the world. They live in tropical or temperate climate.

Facts about Cicadas 4: the place of living

Cicadas can be found living in the trees. The eggs will be put at the slit of the bark. The sap is the primary food for cicadas.



Facts about Cicadas 5: how to avoid predators

Cicadas avoid the predators by singing at night. They are included as cryptic animals. The periodic cicadas spend more time underground to avoid the predators.

Facts about Cicadas 6: cicadas and art

Cicadas have been used in various artworks and literature. During the Chinese Shang Dynasty, cicadas was used the motif. It also appeared in the Homer Iliad. Cicadas are often associated with immortality and carefree living in various folklore and myths.

Cicadas Pictures

Cicadas Pictures

Facts about Cicadas 7: the food

Cicadas are used as food in several countries in the world. You can try the deep fried cicadas in Shandong cuisine in China. Check facts about catfish here.

Facts about Cicadas 8: the largest species of cicada

Malaysian emperor cicada Megapomponia imperatorial is considered as the largest species of cicada. The wingspan of this species is around 8 inches or 20 cm.

Cicadas Image

Cicadas Image

Facts about Cicadas 9: the number of cicada’s species

Cicadas have around 1300 species in the world. Most of them are spotted in the tropical climate. Australia and New Zealand have around 200 described species of cicadas. Get facts about centipedes here.

Facts about Cicadas 10: cicadas in Australia

The habitats of the Australian cicadas are at alpine areas of New South Wales and Victoria; coastal beaches of Tasmania, tropical islands, high and low deserts, and tropical wetlands. In Australia, it is often called as yellow Monday, greengrocer, red eyes and brown baker.

Cicadas Facts

Cicadas Facts

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