10 Facts about Cicero

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Facts about Cicero inform you with the famous lawyer, philosopher, orator, and politician from Rome. He was born on 3rd January 106 BC and died on 7th December 43 BC. His family was rich and wealthy. Cicero was an educated person. The Latin language was influenced by Cicero. He made the philosophical vocabulary in Latin. Get other interesting facts about Cicero below:

Facts about Cicero 1: Cicero’s letters

The letters of Cicero was rediscovered by Petrarch. The letters were important for he initiated the Renaissance in 14th century in the fields of classical Roman culture, humanism and public affairs.

Facts about Cicero 2: the peak era for Cicero

During the Enlightenment era in 18th century, the prestige of Cicero was at the peak.

Cicero Facts

Cicero Facts

Facts about Cicero 3: the impact

Cicero made a great impact during the enlightenment era. He was able to influence the famous thinkers such as David Hume, John Locke, and Montesquieu.

Facts about Cicero 4: the political career

The political career of Cicero is very impressive. It is considered as the most prominent achievement in his life even though he was a successful lawyer and orator.

Cicero Pic

Cicero Pic

Facts about Cicero 5: the revolt

One of his notable achievements was when he could suppress a revolt. Without due process, he executed five conspirators.

Facts about Cicero 6: the traditional republican government

He was able to return the state into the traditional republican government. It was such a big achievement for Cicero for the state was under the dictatorship of Gaius Julius Caesar during the latter half of the first century BC. Find facts about Captain Hook here.

Cicero Image

Cicero Image

Facts about Cicero 7: the death of Julius Caesar

Cicero became the enemy of Mark Anthony after Julius Caesar died. There was a series of speeches that he used to attack Antony.

Facts about Cicero 8: an enemy of the state

The Second Triumvirate considered Cicero as the enemy of the state. The soldiers executed Cicero in 43 BC on the behalf of the Second Triumvirate.



Facts about Cicero 9: the displayed Cicero

Mark Antony had his final revenge on Cicero by displaying the severed hand and head of Cicero in the Roman Forum. Get facts about Charles II here.

Facts about Cicero 10: the place or birth

Cicero was born in Arpinum. The location of this hill town was 62 miles or 100 km southeast of Rome. He was born in 106 BC. It was believed that the ancestors of Cicero were wealthy due to the sale of chickpeas and cultivation.

Facts about Cicero

Facts about Cicero

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