10 Facts about Cigarettes

Tuesday, December 29th 2015. | Health

Let’s find out the interesting Facts about Cigarettes in the following post below. The cigarette is defined as a small cylinder of thin paper filled with tobacco leaves. They are for smoking. The people light the cigarette at one end. Another end will be inhaled from the mouth. If you check the modern tobacco, the additives are added. Most of them are filtered. Get other interesting facts about cigarettes below:

Facts about Cigarettes 1: the term cigarette

The term cigarette is often used to call the tobacco cigarette. But this term can be used to call the cigarettes filled with cannabis or even cloves.

Facts about Cigarettes 2: cigarette and cigar

Cigarette and cigar are different. The cigars usually are made of the whole leaf tobacco. On the other hand, the cigarette is filled with processed leaf. It has paper wrapping and small size. The color is usually white.

Cigarettes Facts

Cigarettes Facts

Facts about Cigarettes 3: the rate of cigarette smoking

In the mid-19th century, cigarette was used for the first time for wide consumption. The rate changes from time to time. The rate of cigarette smoking is increased in the developing countries, while it is decreased in the developed countries.

Facts about Cigarettes 4: the health risk

Cigarette smoking is always associated with serious health risk. Tobacco contains the additive psychoactive chemical.

Cigarettes Pic

Cigarettes Pic

Facts about Cigarettes 5: the pregnant women

The pregnant women who smoke cigarette have the risk of having the birth defects. The baby may have the premature birth, low birth weight and fetal abnormalities. Find facts about child health here.

Facts about Cigarettes 6: the second hand smoke

Smoking is mainly prohibited in various public areas and workplaces. It is due to the fact that the second hand smoke is also dangerous too for the bystanders.



Facts about Cigarettes 7: the chemical compounds

There are around 4,000 chemical compounds that you can find in the cigarettes. Those include acrolein, carbon monoxide, nicotine, and others. More than 50 chemical substances in the cigarettes are carcinogenic.

Facts about Cigarettes 8: the production of cigarettes

The production of cigarettes is around 5.5 trillion as of 2002. More than 1.1 billion people smoked the cigarettes.



Facts about Cigarettes 9: the modern cigarettes

After 1950s, people began to produce the modern cigarettes. The shredded tobacco leaf is considered as the main composition in the cigarettes. The blend usually contains the tobacco processing byproducts.

Facts about Cigarettes 10: the leaves in the tobacco blend of cigarettes

The oriental tobacco, burley tobacco and flue cured bright leaf are the leaves of tobacco used in the blend of cigarettes. Get facts about cholesterol here.

Facts about Cigarettes

Facts about Cigarettes

Are you impressed after reading facts about cigarette?

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