10 Facts about Cincinnati

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Facts about Cincinnati tell you about the city located in Hamilton County, Ohio, US. In United States, Cincinnati is considered as the 65th largest city. In Ohio, it is the 3rd largest city. Based on the census in 2010, there were around 297,945 people who lived here. The metropolitan area was inhabited by 2,214,954 people. Get other interesting facts about Cincinnati below:

Facts about Cincinnati 1: the sport

There are two major sport teams based in Cincinnati. Both are the Cincinnati Bengals for NFL and Cincinnati Reds. The latter one is considered as the oldest franchise in Major League Baseball.

Facts about Cincinnati 2: University of Cincinnati

One of the 50 largest universities in United States is located in Cincinnati. It is the University of Cincinnati. In 1819, the educational institution was built.

Cincinnati Beauty

Cincinnati Beauty

Facts about Cincinnati 3: Paris of America

Cincinnati was called as Paris of America at the end of 1800s due to the historical architecture.

Facts about Cincinnati 4: the immigrants

The Irish and German immigrants affected the history and culture of Cincinnati. It became the major destination for them in the mid and end of 19th century.

Cincinnati City

Cincinnati City

Facts about Cincinnati 5: Isaac M. Wise Temple

The immigrants from Germany and England established the Jewish community in the city. They made new life in United States. The first Reform Judaism temple built in Cincinnati was Isaac M. Wise Temple.

Facts about Cincinnati 6: the oldest operating market

The oldest operating market in the city is Findlay Market.

Cincinnati Pic

Cincinnati Pic

Facts about Cincinnati 7: the food in Cincinnati

If you visit Cincinnati, don’t forget to taste the local food. The food selection in the city is influenced a lot by the German heritage. You can visit the restaurants which serve the Bavarian and schnitzels cuisines. There are two famous food festivals influenced by the German culture. Both are the Bockfest and Oktoberfest Zinzinnati. The former one is a festival of German styled bock beer. Get Chicago facts here.

Facts about Cincinnati 8: Cincinnati chili

Cincinnati chili is one of the notable regional foods in the city. When you order hot dogs or spaghetti, it is usually served with this Mediterranean spiced meat sauce. There are various chains of restaurants which serve the customers with the Cincinnati chili such as Gold Star chili, Skyline Chili and Dixie Chili and Deli.



Facts about Cincinnati 9: the nickname

Due to the heavy usage of chili in Cincinnati, the city is nicknamed as the Chili capital of America.

Facts about Cincinnati 10: the annual events in Cincinnati

There are various annual events in Cincinnati. Those include The Taste of Cincinnati, Bockfest, the Flying Pig Marathon and many more. Get facts about Chihuahua Mexico here.

Facts about Cincinnati

Facts about Cincinnati

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