10 Facts about Cincinnatus

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Facts about Cincinnatus talk about the Roman statesman and aristocrat. In 460 BC, he became a consul. In 458, he became a dictator. The model of civic virtue at that time was seen on Cincinnatus. He lived from 519 BC to 430 BC. The Roman appraised him because of his simplicity and virtue. During the early Rome, Cincinnatus was one of the famous heroes. Moreover, he came from the aristocratic patrician class. Check other interesting facts about Cincinnatus below:

Facts about Cincinnatus 1: an opponent

Cincinnatus was against the plebeians. Cincinnatus decided to live in a small farm after the death of his son, Caeso Quinctius. His son was sentenced to death. Therefore, Cincinnatus had to live a simple life.

Facts about Cincinnatus 2: as a dictator

He became a dictator of Rome because of an invasion. He was called to serve the state. But he resigned two weeks later after he defeated the Volscians, Sabines, and Aequians.

Facts about Cincinnatus

Facts about Cincinnatus

Facts about Cincinnatus 3: the resignation of Cincinnatus

The resignation of Cincinnatus was viewed by the historians as the good example of leadership for he had no personal ambition. He showed the modesty, civic virtue and goodness.

Facts about Cincinnatus 4: honor

Due to his wonderful virtue, there were several entities and organizations named after Cincinnatus.

Cincinnatus facts

Cincinnatus facts

Facts about Cincinnatus 5: Caeso Quinctius

Caeso Quinctius often made the plebeians went out of the forum. Due to his action, Caeso had to face the capital charge in 461 BC. He decided to escape to Etruscans after he was released on bail. Cincinnatus had to sell lands and lived in a small farm because he had to pay the immense fine for his son.

Facts about Cincinnatus 6: as a consul

Cincinnatus was appointed as a consul. Plebeian Tribune Gaius Terentilius Harsa was considered as the main opponent of Cincinnatus.

Cincinnatus Pictures

Cincinnatus Pictures

Facts about Cincinnatus 7: the condition of Rome in 458 BC

The Romans opposed Sabines and Aequi in 458 BC. An army was prepared to fight them by consul Minucius Esquilinus. However, the Aequians were able to trap the Roman army when they were at Alban Hills. Check facts about Charles V here.

Facts about Cincinnatus 8: the panic senate

The senate was panic when they realized that the army was defeated by the Aequians. Therefore, Horatius Pulvillus was nominated to become a consul. But he nominated Cincinnatus as the dictator.

Cincinnatus Pic

Cincinnatus Pic

Facts about Cincinnatus 9: Battle of Mons Algidus

During the Battle of Mons Algidus, Cincinnatus was the leader for the infantry of the fighting against the Aequi. Tarquitius became the leader for the cavalry. He was one of the best soldiers in Rome. Get facts about Cicero here.

Facts about Cincinnatus 10: the victory

The Roman soldiers enjoy the victory against the Aequi for they had double attack.

Cincinnatus Statue

Cincinnatus Statue

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