10 Facts about Cinco de Mayo

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The celebration held on May 5th is explained on Facts about Cinco de Mayo. In Spanish, it means fifth of May. It is not used to celebrate the Mexico’s Independence Day. Cinco de Mayo is used to commemorate the victory at the battle of Puebla on 5th May 1862. At that time, the Mexican forces under General Ignacio Zaragoza Seguín won over the French forces. Find out other interesting facts about Cinco de Mayo below:

Facts about Cinco de Mayo 1: Mexican Independence Day

The people in United States think that Cinco de Mayo is the celebration of Mexican Independence Day. It is not true since the Independence Day is commemorated on 16th September.

Facts about Cinco de Mayo 2: the root of Cinco de Mayo

Once, Mexico was occupied by French. During the Battle of Puebla, the Mexican forces won. The Mexican army was considered as the premier army in the world since there were only 2,000 Mexican forces that had to face 6,000 French forces.

Cinco de Mayo Dances

Cinco de Mayo Dances

Facts about Cinco de Mayo 3: the morale booster

The triumph of Mexican army was a morale booster for all Mexican people since they could win over the strong French army. The victory was significant to increase the sense of patriotism and national unity.

Facts about Cinco de Mayo 4: the short lived victory

The Mexican people only experienced a short lived victory. The Mexican army was defeated by the 30,000 French forces a year later. Then it was under the occupation of Emperor Maximilian I.

Cinco de Mayo Facts

Cinco de Mayo Facts

Facts about Cinco de Mayo 5: the historical significance

Cinco de Mayo is an important celebration for the Mexican people. There is no need wonder that many school districts have the Cinco de Mayo banners. They hold special events on the day to educate the students about the importance of Cinco de Mayo.

Facts about Cinco de Mayo 6: the special events

Some special events that people do during Cinco de Mayo celebration include regional dancing, the highlight about Mexican culture and music.

Cinco de Mayo

Cinco de Mayo

Facts about Cinco de Mayo 7: the commercial celebration of Cinco de Mayo in US

During the celebration of Cinco de Mayo in United States, you can also find out various Mexican foods, beverages, music, products and services. Get facts about Chinese festivals here.

Facts about Cinco de Mayo 8: the national holiday

The anniversary of Battle of Puebla was officially stated as the national holiday by President Juarez on 9 May 1862.

Facts about Cinco de Mayo

Facts about Cinco de Mayo

Facts about Cinco de Mayo 9: Cinco de Mayo

Today Cinco de Mayo is not considered as a Mexican national holiday. However, all Mexican public schools are closed on that day. Get facts about Christmas here.

Facts about Cinco de Mayo 10: State of Puebla

In the State of Puebla, Cinco de Mayo is considered as an official holiday.

Cinco de Mayo Festival

Cinco de Mayo Festival

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