10 Facts about Cinderella

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Facts about Cinderella talk about the notable European folk tale. The topic of this folk tale covers the unjust oppression. It is combined with myth. The word Cinderella means the Little Glass Slipper. In German, it is called Aschenputtel, while in Italian, people call Cenerentola. It is called La Petite Pantoufle de verre or Cendrillon in French. Get other interesting facts about Cinderella below:

Facts about Cinderella 1: the archetypal name

The archetypal name of this folk tale is Cinderella. If you look at the story in different languages, the names of the main character and the title change.

Facts about Cinderella 2: Cinderella in popular culture

In popular culture, Cinderella is an admired story. There is no need to wonder a lot of media try to use t the varied allusions, tropes, and plot elements of Cinderella.

Cinderella Cartoon

Cinderella Cartoon

Facts about Cinderella 3: one of the earliest variant of Cinderella

One of the earliest variants of Cinderella was published in 7 BCE. It was a story about a Greek slave girl who married King of Egypt. Since Cinderella is very popular, you can find out a lot of variants of this story.

Facts about Cinderella 4: Giambattista Basile

Giambattista Basile published the first known European version of Cinderella in Napoli. The story was written in Neapolitan dialect. The setting of the story was in Kingdom of Naples.

Cinderella Story

Cinderella Story

Facts about Cinderella 5: Grimms’ Fairy Tales

In 1812, Grimms’ Fairy Tales were published by Brothers Grimm. It also featured the story of Cinderella. Actually Charles Perrault had told the story in his Histoires ou contes du temps passé. Find facts about cartoon here.

Facts about Cinderella 6: Cenerentola

The Italian word for Cinderella is Cenerentola. It was taken from the word cenere which means ash. At that time, the servants had to live in the basements and their body was covered with ask because of the household work.

Cinderella facts

Cinderella facts

Facts about Cinderella 7: Brothers Grimm

Brothers Grimm wrote Aschenputtel. In England, it is translated into Cinderella. It is considered as the well known version of the story. Cinderella got the help from the wishing tree which grew on the grave of her mother. She did not get the help from the fairy godmother.

Facts about Cinderella 8: father

The father had different roles in various versions of Cinderella. In Disney, he died. But in other stories, the father was alive and had an active role in his daughter’s disgrace.

Cinderella Movie

Cinderella Movie

Facts about Cinderella 9: Cendrillon by Perrault

Cendrillon by Perrault is popular too. It was popular since Perrault added the glass slippers, fairy godmother and pumpkin. Get facts about chicken run here.

Facts about Cinderella 10: the wicked stepmother

In many variants of Cinderella, it featured the wicked stepmother as the main villain.

facts about Cinderella

facts about Cinderella

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