10 Facts about Cindy Sherman

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Get the interesting information on Facts about Cindy Sherman in the below post. Sherman is famous as the film director and photographer from America. She was born on 19 January 1954 in Glen Ridge, New Jersey. Her full name is Cynthia Morris Sherman. People recognize her more due to her conceptual portraits. A MacArthur fellowship was awarded for Sherman in 1995.

Facts about Cindy Sherman 1: the early life

There are five children in the family and Sherman was the youngest one. The family relocated to Huntington, Long Island shortly after she was born.

Facts about Cindy Sherman 2: the visual art

When she was at Buffalo State College, Sherman was attracted with the visual arts. Then she started to paint. Then she shifted into photography because of medium limitation.

Cindy Sherman Art

Cindy Sherman Art

Facts about Cindy Sherman 3: a series of works

Sherman often created her works in series. Most of them feature her wearing different kinds of costumes. She took the photographs of her alone inside the studio. She became the model, hair stylish, makeup artist, author, wardrobe mistress and director.

Facts about Cindy Sherman 4: Bus Riders

One of her earliest works is Bus Riders. You can spot Sherman in various characters. It features various photographs.

Cindy Sherman Picture

Cindy Sherman Picture

Facts about Cindy Sherman 5: Murder Mystery People

Murder Mystery People is another work of Sherman. Actually it was shot in the past. But it was printed and exhibited in 2000.

Facts about Cindy Sherman 6: the identity

The identity of Sherman changes when you see her in the photographs. She wears the elaborate makeup and costume to transform her identity into a totally new character.

Cindy Sherman

Cindy Sherman

Facts about Cindy Sherman 7: the international recognition

Sherman earned an international recognition after she appeared in the series Untitled Film Stills. In the series, you can see 69 black and white photographs. There are various settings that she employs in the photos. Sherman was seen in various poses at the beaches, pools, yards and interiors.

Facts about Cindy Sherman 8: the titles

The images were not given any titles by Sherman for she wants to maintain the ambiguity. Find Chris Ofili facts here.

Cindy Sherman Pic

Cindy Sherman Pic

Facts about Cindy Sherman 9: the color film

Sherman used the color films in 1980s. She began to focus more on the facial expression and lighting due to the colored prints. She also used the larger prints. Get facts about Christopher Marley here.

Facts about Cindy Sherman 10: the usage of mannequins and prostheses

The usage of mannequins and prostheses were employed for the first time by Sherman in Fairy Tales 1985 and Disasters 1986-1989.

Facts about Cindy Sherman

Facts about Cindy Sherman

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