10 Facts about Circuits

Thursday, December 31st 2015. | Science

If you are interested to study anything related to electricity, you have to check Facts about Circuits. There are several individual electronic components which compose the electronic circuit. Those include capacitors, diodes, inductors, transistors and resistors. The traces or wires are used to connect each individual component within the circuit. Therefore, the electric current can flow in the circuit. Get other interesting fact about circuits below:

Facts about Circuits 1: the operation within the circuits

The operation within the circuit can be complex or even simple. It depends on the type of combination of individual elements used inside the circuits.

Facts about Circuits 2: the working circuits

The circuits work well if the data can be stimulated from one place to another place, the computation can be performed easily and the signals can be amplified.

Circuit Board

Circuit Board

Facts about Circuits 3: the traditional construction of circuits

The traditional circuits are commonly made of the discrete components. The individual piece of wires is used to connect each component.

Facts about Circuits 4: the standard construction of circuits

The photolithographic techniques are mainly employed to create the interconnection between each component on the PCB or a printed circuit board. The interconnection can be conducted by soldering the component on it.



Facts about Circuits 5: IC

IC stands for the integrated circuit. In most cases, it is made of silicon as the semiconductor. In less common situation, the manufacturers use gallium arsenite. Check facts about cell phone here.

Facts about Circuits 6: the new design of circuits

When the manufacturers create a new design of circuit, they will test it on the stripboards, breadboards, or perfboards. During the development the circuit, it is easier for the designer to adjust the design.

Facts about Circuits

Facts about Circuits

Facts about Circuits 7: the categorization of circuits

There are several types of circuits. Those include the digital circuit, analog circuit, and mixed-signal circuit. The latter one is the combination of the digital and analog circuits.

Facts about Circuits 8: Analog circuitry

There are two important building blocks used to construct the analog circuitry. Both are the parallel and series circuits.

Circuits Pic

Circuits Pic

Facts about Circuits 9: the series circuit

The best example of series of circuit is a string of Christmas lighting. If one lamp goes out, the other lamps will go out too. Get facts about being an engineer here.

Facts about Circuits 10: the basic components

The analog circuits contain some basic components such as transistors, diodes, inductors, capacitors, wires and resistors.



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