10 Facts about Circus Animals

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Let’s find out the interesting animals on facts about animals circus. The animals in the circus performance are very impressive for they can act. The most common animals that you can spot on the circus performance are the sea lions, horses, elephants, big cats, cats, dogs, birds, and bears. Check other interesting facts about circus animals by reading the below post:

Facts about Circus Animals 1: the exotic creatures

At first, the animals in the circus did not perform. The people used the exotic animals in menageries and displayed them in front of the spectators. Find facts about animal rights here.

Facts about Circus Animals 2: the transportation of the exotic animals

It was very popular in North America to see the menagerie entertainment. They could view the exotic animals transported from other countries in 18th century.

Circus Animal Facts

Circus Animal Facts

Facts about Circus Animals 3: the equestrian acts

The equestrian acts were considered as the first true animal performance in the circus. The people used the horses.

Facts about Circus Animals 4: the other animals

After the usage of horses in the equestrian acts, the people were entertained by the acts of elephants and big cats.



Facts about Circus Animals 5: Isaac A. Van Amburgh

In American circus history, Isaac A. Van Amburgh is considered as the first wild animal trainer. In 1833, he entered a cage with some big cats.

Facts about Circus Animals 6: Mabel Stark

If you want to know the notable female tiger tamer, you have to check the professional life of Mabel Stark.

 Circus Animals

Circus Animals

Facts about Circus Animals 7: the sideshow

In the beginning of 19th century, the flea circus was very popular as a sideshow in the circus performance. A Fresnel lens would be used to view the fleas attached to the props.

Facts about Circus Animals 8: the animal training

To make sure that the animals can perform well on the circus, the animal training should be conducted. The animals in the circus will be trained for entertainment. In United States, there is no certification needed for the people to become an animal trainer. The animal trainer certification bodies in United Kingdom exist.

Circus Animal

Circus Animal

Facts about Circus Animals 9: the animal mistreatment

There were reports about the animal mistreatments. Therefore, the law which banned the use of animals in the circus performance in Mexico was passed by Mexican Congress in December 2014. Get facts about circuses here.

Facts about Circus Animals 10: PETA

PETA is one of the organizations which concerns with the life of the animals. The organization states that to make the animals submissive, they are often beaten. The method of training them is by using the physical abuse.

Facts about Circus Animals

Facts about Circus Animals

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