10 Facts about Circus Maximus

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Facts about Circus Maximus present the information about the stadium and venue located in Rome, Italy. In the ancient era, it was used as a stadium for chariot racing and entertainment venue. The name of the stadium was taken from Latin. It means largest circus or greatest circus. In ancient Rome, it was considered as the largest and first stadium. The location of Circus Maximus is between the Palatine and Aventine Hills. Let’s find other interesting facts about Circus Maximus below:

Facts about Circus Maximus 1: the dimension of Circus Maximus

Circus Maximus had the width at 387 feet or 118 meter. The length was 2,037 feet or 621 meter. The stadium could cover 150,000 people.

Facts about Circus Maximus 2: the present day site

The present day site of Circus Maximus is operated as a public park. During the Roman Empire, it was used as a model for circuses.

Circus Maximus Facts

Circus Maximus Facts

Facts about Circus Maximus 3: ludi

Ludi was played inside the circus. The largest venue which held Ludi is Circus Maximus. This game was always associated with the religious festival in Rome. The Roman state and leading Romans sponsored Ludi.

Facts about Circus Maximus 4: the chariot races

Circus Maximus became a stadium specialized for the chariot races over the centuries. It was used by the Roman people to celebrate grand scale religious processions.

Circus Maximus Image

Circus Maximus Image

Facts about Circus Maximus 5: Circus Maximus in 3rd century

There was a popular circus show held in Rome at the end of third century. It was proposed by Emperor Probus. The show featured a built state filled with veritable forest of trees.

Facts about Circus Maximus 6: the decreased popularity of Ludi

The popularity of Ludi was decreased after the Roman state selected Christianity as the official religion. The best hunt game was last held in Circus Maximus in 523.

Circus Maximus Pictures

Circus Maximus Pictures

Facts about Circus Maximus 7: the duration of Ludi

Ludi lasted for one day or even several days depending on the activities of the game. The people conducted it in more than one day if they held the public feast, religious ceremonies, plays, athletics, chariot racing, gladiators contest, beast hunt or even recitals. Check facts about Camp Nou here.

Facts about Circus Maximus 8: Obelisco Flaminio

The dividing barrier or spina at the Circus Maximus featured the Obelisco Flaminio. Now it is located in Piazza del Popolo.

Circus Maximus Today

Circus Maximus Today

Facts about Circus Maximus 9: the valley

The location of this site is at the level ground of Vallis Murcia or Valley of Murcia. The valley was fertile. The people used it as the agricultural land during the early days of the Rome.

Facts about Circus Maximus 10: the present day function of Circus Maximus

Circus Maximus is used as a park now. There were various big concerts held in the area. In 2007, there were 500,000 people gathered here to enjoy the performance of English band, Genesis.  Get facts about Cardiff Castle here.

Facts about Circus Maximus

Facts about Circus Maximus

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