10 Facts about Circuses

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Let’s find out the interesting  Facts about Circuses in the following post below. When you see the performance of circus, you will be impressed with the presence of trapeze act, acrobats, clowns, trained animals, tightropes walkers, musicians, hoopers, stunt oriented artist, and unicyclists. There are various formats of circus which have been developed for more than 150 years. If you want to know more, check the below information in detail.

Facts about Circuses 1: the father of modern circus

Do you know the father of modern circus? He is Philip Astley. In 1768, he established the first circus in England.

Facts about Circuses 2: the early circus performance

The performance of the early circus was not elaborate. It demonstrated the equestrian skills. The performance was associated with the horsemanship act.

Circus Pic

Circus Pic

Facts about Circuses 3: the significant feature

The significant feature of circus in the next 50 years was seen on the performance of the theatrical battle.

Facts about Circuses 4: the traditional format

The traditional format of circus was made by performing the choreographed actions. It was accompanied by the traditional music. This traditional format was used in nineteenth century.



Facts about Circuses 5: the type of venue

The type of venue employed in the early modern circus only had a very limited covering with an open air structure. The bespoke circus building was used as the main venue in 18th to 19th century. It was mainly constructed from wood. It featured a stage, a center ring and seating.

Facts about Circuses 6: Big Top

Big Top was a term used to call the traditional large tent in circus. The tent was used as a static venue for the touring circuses in the mid 19th century. Till today, it has been used as the primary venue for circus performance. Get facts about Big Hero 6 here.

Facts about Circuses

Facts about Circuses

Facts about Circuses 7: the contemporary circus

If you think that contemporary circus only performs inside a tent, you are wrong. Some of them also perform in the casinos and theatres.

Facts about Circuses 8: the size of the ring

Let’s find out the size of the ring used in the circus performance. Until this present day, the diameter of the ring is 42 feet or 13 meter.

Circuses Facts

Circuses Facts

Facts about Circuses 9: Philip Astley and the size of ring

In the end of 18th century, Astley used it as the minimum diameter for the ring. Therefore, the horse rider could the trick and act safely. Get facts about Charlie Chaplin here.

Facts about Circuses 10: the innovation

The contemporary circus created an innovative style and performance since some groups revived it by employing the human skill only.



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