10 Facts about Citizen Kane

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The famous American drama film released in 1941 is explained on Facts about Citizen Kane. Orson Welles was the director, star, co-author and producer of the movie. It was considered as the first feature film of Welles. The movie earned one Academy Award for Best Writing for Herman J. Mankiewicz and Orson Welles. It also earned nomination for nine categories in the Academy Awards. It is considered as one of the greatest movies of all time by the fans, filmmakers and critics. Check other interesting facts about Citizen Kane below:

Facts about Citizen Kane 1: the greatest film of all time

In Sight & Sound polls of critics, Citizen Kane earned the title as the greatest film of all time for five consecutive times. In 2012 poll, the position was taken by Vertigo.

Facts about Citizen Kane 2: the praise

The fans, filmmakers and critics love Citizen Kane for various reasons. At that time, the movie had an innovative narrative structure, great music and cinematography.

Citizen Kane Facts

Citizen Kane Facts

Facts about Citizen Kane 3: the story of Citizen Kane

Citizen Kane talks about the legacy and life of Charles Forster Kane. He was the main character in the movie. Orson Welles played his character.

Facts about Citizen Kane 4: Charles Foster Kane

The report states that the character Charles Foster Kane was based on William Randolph Hearst, Samuel Insull and Harold McCormick. The former one was the American newspaper magnate, white the latter two ones were the Chicago tycoons. Kane character was also based on the life of Welles.

Citizen Kane Poster

Citizen Kane Poster

Facts about Citizen Kane 5: the release of the movie

The movie was not mentioned in any kinds of newspapers owned by Hearst upon the release of Citizen Kane.

Facts about Citizen Kane 6: the career of Welles

Finally Welles ended up in Hollywood after RKO Pictures signed him in 1939. Before his Hollywood career, Welles was successful with his Mercury Theatre in Broadway. In 1938, he had “The War of the Worlds” which created controversy after it was broadcasted on the radio.

Citizen Kane

Citizen Kane

Facts about Citizen Kane 7: freedom

Welles got freedom to create his own story. He also had the privilege to choose his crew and cast. Find facts about Captain America here.

Facts about Citizen Kane 8: writing process

The screenplay of Citizen Kane was the collaboration between Welles and Herman Mankiewicz.

Facts about Citizen Kane

Facts about Citizen Kane

Facts about Citizen Kane 9: the photography

In 1940, the principal photography of Citizen Kane took place. In 1941, the film was released in America. Get facts about Cinderella here.

Facts about Citizen Kane 10: the success

Citizen Kane was a successful movie for the critics praise it a lot. However, the movie did not do well in the box office.

Citizen Kane Pic

Citizen Kane Pic

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