10 Facts about Citizenship

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The status of a person under the law or custom is explained on Facts about Citizenship.  When a person has a citizenship, he or she is considered as a member of a state. Do you know that a person may not have citizenship at all? He or she is called as a stateless person. On the other hand, there are some people who own multiple citizenships. Here are other interesting facts about citizenship to note:

Facts about Citizenship 1: nationality

In English, the word citizenship is often used to call the nationality. It is used to denote the membership of a person in one nation or state.

Facts about Citizenship 2: the different meaning of citizenship and nationality

The meaning of nationality and citizenship can be different if you check it in the countries like United Kingdom and United States. Find facts about British immigration here.

Citizenship Forms

Citizenship Forms

Facts about Citizenship 3: how to earn citizenship

The citizenship can be earned by a person for some reasons. In general cases, a person can automatically get the citizenship because of the place of birth.

Facts about Citizenship 4: the regulations and policies

Each country in the world has their specific regulations and policies about the citizenship. It can be issued based on several criteria.

Facts about Citizenship

Facts about Citizenship

Facts about Citizenship 5: jus sanguinis

Jus sanguinis is applied when the parents of the person are the citizens of the state. Therefore, the person can earn the state’s citizenship as well. Even though the baby is born in another country, it will earn the citizenship of their parents.

Facts about Citizenship 6: citizenship in China

It is very common in China to give the citizenship based on the ethnicity or ancestry.

Citizenship Image

Citizenship Image

Facts about Citizenship 7: jus soli

Jus soli is applied when a person is born within a country. This person will become the citizen of the state if he or she is born here.

Facts about Citizenship 8: jure matrimonii

Jure matrimonii is granted if a person marries to a citizen. It is considered as the fast track naturalization in many countries. In some cases, there are several non citizens who try to get the citizenship by marrying the citizens. Therefore, the immigration tries hard to detect the sham marriage.

Citizenship Pictures

Citizenship Pictures

Facts about Citizenship 9: Naturalization

The people who get the political asylum, live for a certain period of time in the country, or enter the state legally may be granted citizenship through naturalization. Get facts about censorship here.

Facts about Citizenship 10: the conditions

There are several conditions that the people should consider in the process of naturalization. The person should have good conduct, master the language; realize the lifestyle of the host country, and many more.

Citizenship Facts

Citizenship Facts

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