10 Facts about Civil Disobedience

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Let’s find out the interesting information on Facts about Civil Disobedience. During the Indian independence movement, the civil disobedience was conducted by Mahatma Gandhi. This act is defined as the refusal of the people to follow the commands, demands, and laws of the government. It is not viewed as a rejection of the whole system. But people view it as a symbolic violation of the law. In many cases, the civil disobedience involves the nonviolent struggle. Get other interesting facts about civil disobedience below:

Facts about Civil Disobedience 1: the illegal acts

There are various illegal acts conducted in the civil disobedience. One of them is seen from the act of Julia Butterfly Hill. She decided to live on the California Redwood tree for 738 days as prevention for cutting the old tree. The tree was 600 years old. It has the height at 55 meter or 180 feet.

Facts about Civil Disobedience 2: the crime

Several people who do not agree with the government laws decide to openly commit the crime.

Civil Disobedience and Protest

Civil Disobedience and Protest

Facts about Civil Disobedience 3: the cannabis consumption

The people who protest against the cannabis consumption, for example, decide to take action by use it in public.

Facts about Civil Disobedience 4: the public nudity

The people against the public nudity decide to go naked on public to show the protest. Get facts about child labor in Africa here.

facts about Civil Disobedience

facts about Civil Disobedience

Facts about Civil Disobedience 5: other forms of civil disobedience

There are many other forms of civil disobedience. Those include the refusal to pay taxes, illegal boycotts, sit-ins, draft dodging and many more.

Facts about Civil Disobedience 6: the purpose

By conducting the various forms of the civil disobedience, it is very hard for the system in the government to function. Find facts about child poverty here.

Civil Disobedience

Civil Disobedience

Facts about Civil Disobedience 7: the electronic civil disobedience

The illegal web site parodies, virtual sabotage, data leaks, redirects, web site defacements and information theft are some examples of electronic civil disobedience.

Facts about Civil Disobedience 8: cooperate with the authorities

The protesters must cooperate with the authorities or police officers during the act.

Civil Disobedience Form

Civil Disobedience Form

Facts about Civil Disobedience 9: an arrest

To make the impression to the police officers, there are some protesters who want to be arrested.

Facts about Civil Disobedience 10: anarchists

Since the protesters do not believe with the legitimacy of the government, they are often being anarchists by breaking and damaging the public buildings. The police officers have to dismiss them to secure the condition. In most cases, the anarchists are arrested.

Civil Disobedience Facts

Civil Disobedience Facts

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