10 Facts about Civil Engineering

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Let’s find out an interesting Facts about Civil Engineering in the below post. The people who want to study civil engineering will learn a lot of things about the maintenance, construction and design of the naturally or physically built environment such as canals, bridges, roads, building and dams. The military engineering is considered as the first oldest engineering discipline, while the second oldest one is the civil engineering. Check other facts about civil engineering below:

Facts about Civil Engineering 1: the sub-disciplines

There are several sub disciplines on the civil engineering. They include coastal engineering, coastal engineering, architectural engineering, construction engineering, forensic engineering, geotechnical engineering, environmental engineering, quantity surveying, water resources engineering, offshore engineering and others.

Facts about Civil Engineering 2: the public and private sector

The civil engineering is found in private and public sector. In the private sector, it can be seen on the individual companies, national companies to the international companies.  The public sector of civil engineering can be seen from the municipal government to the national government.

Civil Engineering Facts

Civil Engineering Facts

Facts about Civil Engineering 3: the history of civil engineering

In the history, civil engineering is always linked with the understanding of mathematics and physics.

Facts about Civil Engineering 4: the knowledge and sciences

The people involved with civil engineering have to master the knowledge of soils, geology, geography, material science, environment, mechanics and hydrology.

Civil Engineering Pic

Civil Engineering Pic

Facts about Civil Engineering 5: the artisans

The artisans like the carpenters and stonemasons were the persons who created the construction and architectural design during the ancient and medieval eras.

Facts about Civil Engineering 6: the academic degree

You have to earn an academic degree of civil engineering if you want to become a civil engineer.

Facts about Civil Engineering

Facts about Civil Engineering

Facts about Civil Engineering 7: a bachelor degree of engineering

The bachelor degree of engineering or bachelor of science will be earned by the students who follow civil engineering in three to five years.

Facts about Civil Engineering 8: the curriculum

If you follow the degree of civil engineering, you will learn various topics related to civil engineering such as project management, mathematics and physics. Get facts about biomedical engineering here.

Civil Engineering

Civil Engineering

Facts about Civil Engineering 9: the rules and regulation

The civil engineering should follow the environmental law and building codes. There are various regulation and rules which define the works of the civil engineers. Get facts about catalytic converters here.

Facts about Civil Engineering 10: the environmental engineering

The environmental engineering is one of the sub disciplines of civil engineering. It has something to do with the treatment of thermal waste, biological and chemical waste.

Civil Engineering Profession

Civil Engineering Profession

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