10 Facts about Civil English War

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Let’s find out a series of battles between the Parliamentarians and the Cavaliers/Royalists on Facts about Civil English War. The former ones were known as the Roundheads. The series of battles occurred in 1642 until 1651. The causes of the English Civil War included the political and religious disputes between both parties. Get other facts about Civil English War below:

Facts about Civil English War 1: the nicknames

The Royalists were called the Cavaliers. They were named after the Spanish horsemen. On the other hand, the Parliamentarians were called as the Roundheads because most of them were in the army and had very short hair.

Facts about Civil English War 2: the causes of English Civil War

As I have stated before, there are several causes of English civil war. It can be associated with the disputes related to the foreign affairs, politics and religion. The Parliaments and King Charles I had disagreement about the divine rights of kings.

Facts about Civil English War

Facts about Civil English War

Facts about Civil English War 3: the conflicts

During the English Civil War, there were three conflicts. They were known as the first, second and third English Civil War.

Facts about Civil English War 4: the controlled area

London and south of England were mainly controlled by the parliaments. The north of England was primarily controlled by the Cavaliers.

Civil English War

Civil English War

Facts about Civil English War 5: Battle of Marston Moor

Battle of Marston Moor is one of the important battles during the English civil war. It took place in July 1644. The parliamentarians were capable of defeating the Cavaliers.

Facts about Civil English War 6: the cannons

One of the important weapons during the war was the cannon. To move the canon, the people needed 16 horses. It was heavy and large.

Civil English War Image

Civil English War Image

Facts about Civil English War 7: execution of Charles I

In 1649, Charles I was executed because of treason. His son, Charles II escaped to France. At the end of the war, Oliver Cromwell took the position as Lord Protector. Get facts about Charles I of England here.

Facts about Civil English War 8: the death people

The English Civil War killed around 600,000 Irish people. They died because of disease, famine and illness caused by the war.  The people who died in England were around 900,000 individuals. Most of them died because of the fighting and diseases.

Civil English War Facts

Civil English War Facts

Facts about Civil English War 9: the films of about Civil War

There were two major movies about the English Civil War. However, both of them talked more about the life and personality of Cromwell. Find facts about Charles II here.

Facts about Civil English War 10: Sealed Knot Society

Have you ever heard about Sealed Knot Society?  It is a secret society which supports the monarchy. There are thousands of members in this Sealed Knot Society.

Civil English War Pic

Civil English War Pic

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