10 Facts about Clara Barton

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Facts about Clara Barton talk about one of the famous nurses in the world. She was born in North Oxford, Massachusetts on 25 December 1821. She died in Glen Echo, Maryland on 12 April 1912. The people recognized her as the founder of the American Red Cross. She was the daughter of a veteran of the Indian Wars named Captain Stephen Barton. He owned a farm. Let’s find out other interesting facts about Clarissa Harlowe Barton below:

Facts about Clara Barton 1: the mother of Barton

The name of her mother was Sarah Barton. She always taught the young Clara Barton about the right of women. She believed that everyone should be treated equally.

Facts about Clara Barton 2: siblings

There were five kids in the family and Clara was the youngest child. Her two elder brothers were Stephen and David. Her elder sisters were Sally and Dorothea.

Clara Barton Facts

Clara Barton Facts

Facts about Clara Barton 3: the school time

Clara was a good student at school. She knew how to read and write since she was young because her siblings always taught her.

Facts about Clara Barton 4: the hard work

There is no need to wonder that Clara was a hard worker. She learned it since she was young because her family lived on a farm. She had to take care the sick animals, chop woods and milk the cows.

Facts about Clara Barton

Facts about Clara Barton

Facts about Clara Barton 5: David

David was the elder brother of Clara. She had to take care of him for almost two years after he fell off from the roof. He got better after she treated him even though the doctor did not give any hope for David.

Facts about Clara Barton 6: as a teacher

Clara had her first career as a teacher. She taught at a summer school when she was 17 years old. She was good at her job as a teacher even though she had not training at all.

Clara Barton

Clara Barton

Facts about Clara Barton 7: higher education

Barton went to New York to pursue a degree in education. In 1851, she graduated from the college. She was interested to teach in a private school at first. Then she tried to open a free public school to educate others. There were 600 students that her school had by 1854.

Facts about Clara Barton 8: as a nurse

Clara wanted to help the wounded men during the Civil War. She took care of them.  The soldiers often called her the Angel of the Battlefield. Find facts about American History here.

Clara Barton Nurse

Clara Barton Nurse

Facts about Clara Barton 9: the American Red Cross

On 21 May 1881, the American Red Cross was established by Clara Barton in United States. Get facts about American Red Cross here.

Facts about Clara Barton 10: the personal life

Clara Barton dedicated her life to other people. She had never married. She did not have any children.

Clara Barton Image

Clara Barton Image

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