10 Facts about Clara Bow

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Get the interesting information about the notable American actress on Facts about Clara Bow. She was born on 29 July 1905 with the full name Clara Gordon Bow. She rose to prominence as an actress during the silent movie era in 1920s. After 1927, she played in the talkies and made a successful career. Here are some interesting facts about Bow to note:

Facts about Clara Bow 1: the national claim

Bow earned the national claim due to her fascinating act in various silent movies and talkies. She is considered as one of the famous Roaring twenties.

Facts about Clara Bow 2: the nickname

People often called Bow the It Girl because of her movie It. She appeared as a plucky shop girl.

Clara Bow Pic

Clara Bow Pic

Facts about Clara Bow 3: the movies of Bow

The notable movies of Bow include Wings (1927), It (1927), and Mantrap (1926). Bow had appeared in 11 talkies and 46 silent movies.

Facts about Clara Bow 4: the box office draw

In 1927 and 1930, Bow earned the second box office draw. In 1928 and 1929, she earned the first box office draw.

Clara Bow Picture

Clara Bow Picture

Facts about Clara Bow 5: the popularity

Bow was very popular in the Hollywood movie industry. The report stated that she got over 45,000 letters from the fans in January 1929. It was during the peak of her stardom.

Facts about Clara Bow 6: marriage

In 1931, Bow and actor Rex Bell married. Then she decided to leave the acting industry. She lived in Nevada as a rancher.

Facts about Clara Bow

Facts about Clara Bow

Facts about Clara Bow 7: the last movie of Bow

In 1933, the last movie of Bow was released. The title was Hoop-La. She died at the age of 60 due to a heart attack in September 1965.

Facts about Clara Bow 8: the silent movies

It is not easy for Bow to break the film industry during the silent era.  The studio agencies often rejected her due to the physical look. They stated that she was too fat, too little, or even too young. Get facts about Charlie Chaplin here.

Clara Bow

Clara Bow

Facts about Clara Bow 9: Down to the Sea in Ships

Bow finally ended up in a movie Down to the Sea in Ships when the director Elmer Clifton looked for a tomboyish character. Get facts about Citizen Kane here.

Facts about Clara Bow 10: honors

Bow earned a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame due to her contribution in the motion picture industry. You can also see her image on the postage stamp of United States in 1994. The design of the stamp was made by Al Hirschfeld.

Clara Bow Facts

Clara Bow Facts

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