10 Facts about Clara Schumann

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Facts about Clara Schumann tell you about one of the most popular pianists during the romantic era. She was born on September 13th, 1819 and died on May 20th, 1896. Schumann was a German composer and musician. During her life, she had influenced various kinds of concerts by changing the taste of public listening to music. She was brave enough to alter the repertoire and format of piano recital. Here are some interesting facts about Clara Schumann to note:

Facts about Clara Schumann 1: the performance of Schumann

The work of Brahms was firstly performed in public by Schumann. Other works created by Brahms were premiered by Clara too.

Facts about Clara Schumann 2: the place of birth

As I have stated before, Schumann was born on September 13th, 1819. Her place of birth was in Leipzig. Her parents were Friedrich Wieck and Marianne Wieck.

Clara Schumann facts

Clara Schumann facts

Facts about Clara Schumann 3: the early family life of Schumann

Let’s find out the early life of Schumann. Her parents divorced after her mother had an affair with the friend of his father, Adolph Bargiel.  At that time, Clara was five years old and he lived with his father after the divorce.

Facts about Clara Schumann 4: the father of Clara

The father of Clara played an important role in developing the career and life of Clara. She had an hour lesson where Clara learned singing, violin, piano, composition, theory, counterpoint, and harmony. Then Clara would spend two hours for practicing. Her father developed the techniques to teach Clara.

Clara Schumann Pianist

Clara Schumann Pianist

Facts about Clara Schumann 5: the performance

The Young Clara was 8 years old when she performed at the house of Dr. Ernst Carus in Leipzig in March 1828. Carus was the director of mental hospital at Colditz Castle. Clara met Robert Schumann there. He was also a young pianist invited in the event.  Clara was nine years younger than Robert.

Facts about Clara Schumann 6: the fist solo concert

The first solo concert that Clara had was at Leipzig Gewandhaus.  The performance of Clara in Paris was poorly attended by the people because of the outbreak of cholera.

Facts about Clara Schumann

Facts about Clara Schumann

Facts about Clara Schumann 7: the marriage of Schumann

Clara and Robert married in 1840 even though Friedrich did not agree with the marriage. Find facts about Charles Mingus here.

Facts about Clara Schumann 8: the suicide attempt

In February 1854, Robert tried to commit suicide. Then he was sent to an asylum.

Clara Schumann

Clara Schumann

Facts about Clara Schumann 9: death of Robert

On 29 July 1856, Robert died. It was such a big lost for her. Get facts about China Anne McClain here.

Facts about Clara Schumann 10: the last public concert

On 12 March 1891, Schumann had the last public concert in Frankfurt. James Kwast was her partner in the concert.

Clara Schumann Pianist

Clara Schumann Pianist

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