10 Facts about Clarence Darrow

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Find out the interesting information about the lawyer on Facts about Clarence Darrow. He was born on 18 April 1857 and died on 13 March 1938. People also recognize him as the notable advocate for Georgist economic reform. In the American Civil Liberties Union, Darrow was the leader. There were various notable cases that Darrow handled. Here are other interesting facts about Darrow:

Facts about Clarence Darrow 1: the most famous case of Darrow

The most famous case of Darrow was in the murder case of Robert “Bobby” Franks. The trial was in 1924. Robert was 14 years old when he was murdered. Darrow became the defender of Leopold and Loeb. Both were the teenage thrill killers.

Facts about Clarence Darrow 2: another prominent case

Another important case handled by Darrow was the Scopes “Monkey” Trial in 1925. He became the defender for John T. Scopes.

Clarence Darrow Facts

Clarence Darrow Facts

Facts about Clarence Darrow 3: the nickname

Darrow remains one of the notable lawyers and civil libertarians in America. His wit was very unique. Therefore, people always call him as a sophisticated country lawyer.

Facts about Clarence Darrow 4: the place of birth

Darrow was born on 19 April 1857 in Kinsman, Ohio. His parents were Emily and Amirus Darrow. He was the fifth son in the family.



Facts about Clarence Darrow 5: the point of view of his mother and father

The father of Clarence Darrow was a religious freethinker. He was also an iconoclast. On the other hand,   his mother was a supporter of women’s right advocate and women suffrage.

Facts about Clarence Darrow 6: the education

Darrow decided to study at Allegheny College. He was here for one year only for he did not want to be the burden for his father in term of financial condition. Therefore, he became a teacher in the winter for the next 3 years.

Facts about Clarence Darrow

Facts about Clarence Darrow

Facts about Clarence Darrow 7: law

Darrow studied law on his own while he was teaching. Even though Darrow went to University of Michigan Law School and Allegheny Collhe, he did not get any degree from both institutions. Find facts about Being a Lawyer here.

Facts about Clarence Darrow 8: Ohio Bar

In 1878, Darrow was admitted to Ohio Bar. He took the Ohio Bar examination when he felt ready about it.

Clarence Darrow Image

Clarence Darrow Image

Facts about Clarence Darrow 9: the memorial

If you are interested to know the memorial of Clarence Darrow, you can go to the Clarence Darrow Octagon House in Kinsman Ohio. It was the childhood home of Darrow. Find facts about Clarence Thomas here.

Facts about Clarence Darrow 10: the marriage

Jessie Ohl was the wife of Darrow. Both married in 1880.

Clarence Darrow Pic

Clarence Darrow Pic

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