10 Facts about Clarence Thomas

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Let’s find out the interesting information about the Associate Justice of Supreme Court of U.S. on Facts about Clarence Thomas. Thomas was born on 23 June 1948. He is considered as the 2nd African American to serve the court after Thurgood Marshall. The young Thomas was raised in Savannah, Georgia.  Get other interesting facts about Thomas below:

Facts about Clarence Thomas 1: the education of Thomas

Thomas went to College of Holly Cross before he was enrolled to Yale Law School. Check facts about Attorney here.

Facts about Clarence Thomas 2: Assistant Attorney General

Thomas became the Assistant Attorney General in Missouri in 1974. Then he was in the private sector to practice law.

Clarence Thomas Facts

Clarence Thomas Facts

Facts about Clarence Thomas 3: as a legislative assistance

Thomas was appointed to work for Senator John Danforth as the legislative assistant in 1979. Then he was in the United States Department for Education after he became Assistant Secretary for Civil Rights in 1981.

Facts about Clarence Thomas 4: as a Chairman for EEOC

EEOC stands for Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. He was selected as the chairman for this commission by President Ronald Reagan in 1982. Get facts about Affirmative Action here.

Clarence Thomas

Clarence Thomas

Facts about Clarence Thomas 5: George H. W. Bush

Thomas was nominated to get the seat in the Court of Appeals for District of Columbia Circuit in 1990 by President George H. W. Bush. He did the role for sixteen months. Then he was nominated to replace Marshall’s seat on the United States Supreme Court on 1st July 1991.

Facts about Clarence Thomas 6: an accusation

Thomas’s career was highlighted in his accusation of sexual harassment to his subordinate at EEOC, Anita Hill. Therefore, the conformation of hearing was intense and bitter.

Facts about Clarence Thomas

Facts about Clarence Thomas

Facts about Clarence Thomas 7: the place of birth

The place of birth of Thomas was in Pin Point, Georgia. The freedman established this black community after the end of the American civil war.

Facts about Clarence Thomas 8: parents

His father was a farm worker named M.C. Thomas. His mother was a domestic worker named Leola Williams. There were three kids in the family and Thomas was the second child.

Clarence Thomas Picture

Clarence Thomas Picture

Facts about Clarence Thomas 9: the American slaves

The parents of Thomas were the descendants of slaves. The first language of the family was Gullah.

Facts about Clarence Thomas 10: the early life

The early life of Thomas was miserable. When he was two years old, his father left the family. His mother had to work hard to cover the entire daily expense for the family. However, he only had pennies per day from her work.

Clarence Thomas Pic

Clarence Thomas Pic

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