10 Facts about Clarinet

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If you love about music, you have to check Facts about Clarinet. Clarinet is one of the unique musical instruments in the world. It is included as a type of woodwind instrument. The word clarinetist is used to call the person who plays this musical instrument. If you look at the picture of clarinet, it is made in a straight cylindrical tube which has a flared bell. It also has a single mouthpiece. Here are some interesting facts about clarinet:

Facts about Clarinet 1: the invention of clarinet

The people believe that clarinet was invented in Germany by Johann Christoph Denner in 1700.  Denner did it by having the earlier chalumeau added with a register key.

Facts about Clarinet 2: the improvement

The original clarinet was improved by the people for better playability and tone. Therefore, the airtight pads and keywork are added over the years.

Clarinet Facts

Clarinet Facts

Facts about Clarinet 3: the B clarinet

The B clarinet is considered as the most popular clarinet today. The people who involve in orchestral music often use the clarinet in A.

Facts about Clarinet 4: the importance of bass clarinet

The bass clarinet is very important in the orchestral music since the mid-19th century. If you look at the family ranges of clarinet, it comes in various options. You can choose the A? piccolo clarinet to the BBB? octo-contrabass. The latter one is very rare.

Facts about Clarinet

Facts about Clarinet

Facts about Clarinet 5: the flexibility

Clarinet is considered as one of the most flexible musical instruments in the world. Thus, it is very popular.  The clarinet can be used for marching bands, military bands, jazz, klezmer or even concert bands.

Facts about Clarinet 6: the modern orchestral standard

The usage of soprano clarinets is very common to spot in the modern orchestral standard. It is used for its economics, aesthetic and acoustics. Find facts about Caribbean Music here.

Clarinet Image

Clarinet Image

Facts about Clarinet 7: a solo instrument

In most performances, clarinet is played as a solo instrument. It can be seen in some works in the Baroque Era and Classical period.

Facts about Clarinet 8: the clarinet concertos

Some of the famous clarinets concertos were made by Copland, Mozart and Weber in their concerti.



Facts about Clarinet 9: the common combination of music

One of the common combinations of playing clarinet is with piano. You can play the clarinet sonatas. If you add the third instrument, it is called the clarinet trio. You can add a voice or string instrument during the performance of clarinet and piano.

Facts about Clarinet 10: wind quintet

The wind quintet is performed by horn, bassoon, clarinet, oboe and flute. Get facts about Cascada here.

Clarinet Player

Clarinet Player

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