10 Facts about Classical Europe

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If you want to know the period of Renaissance in 14th until 17th century in Europe, you have to check Facts about Classical Europe. This period is very important to learn since you can find out the bridge between the modern period and middle Ages in Europe. Let’s find out other interesting facts about classical Europe below:

Facts about Classical Europe 1: the meaning of Renaissance

The word Renaissance means rebirth. It was considered as a rebirth of music, literature, art, science and education. In the general, the people hoped to get a better life.

Facts about Classical Europe 2: the fall of Roman Empire

The Roman Empire fell during the middle Ages. During that time, the works of art and sciences were lost which made the people experience Dark Ages. The age which made these people coming out of the dark was Renaissance.

Classical Europe Books

Classical Europe Books

Facts about Classical Europe 3: humanism

Humanism is called as the cultural movement in Renaissance period. The people should learn about the classic science, art and literature because of the humanism philosophy.

Facts about Classical Europe 4: the art

Art was one of the important aspects in Classical Europe. It was okay for the people to represent human emotion and realism in their art.

Classical Europe Facts

Classical Europe Facts

Facts about Classical Europe 5: the most famous painting in the world

Can you mention the most famous painting in the world made during the Renaissance era? It was Mona Lisa. The painter was Leonardo Da Vinci.

Facts about Classical Europe 6: the beginning of Renaissance

Before Renaissance spread to various parts in Europe it was started in Florence, Italy. It was developed in the city for it had connection with Roman Empire. Moreover, there were many geniuses and artists supported by the richest people who lived in Italy.

Classical Europe

Classical Europe

Facts about Classical Europe 7: the powerful family

Most city states in Italy were ruled by the powerful and wealthy families. Ferrara, Venice, Milan and Florence were some important city states in Italy at that time. Get ancient Rome facts here.

Facts about Classical Europe 8: Renaissance man

Renaissance man is a very important term. It was used to call the person who had talent and skill in many areas like art, science, education, engineering, literature and many more.

Facts about Classical Europe

Facts about Classical Europe

Facts about Classical Europe 9: Leonardo da Vinci

Leonardo da Vinci is the best example of Renaissance man for her was a writer, engineer, architect, inventor, scientist, sculptor and painter. Find ancient Roman Art facts here.

Facts about Classical Europe 10: Francis I

The patron of art during the Renaissance era was King of France, Francis I.

Classical Europe Pic

Classical Europe Pic

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