10 Facts about Classical Music

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Facts about Classical Music tell you about the classical period which spans between the baroque and romantic periods. In 1750 until 1820, the musical compositions were made during the classical music period. There were two important musicians from the classic music period. Both were Mozart and Beethoven. Mozart lived in 1756 until 1791. On the other hand, Ludwig van Beethoven lived in 1770 until 1827. Get other interesting facts about classical music below:

Facts about Classical Music 1: the end of classical music

Before Beethoven passed away, classical music period ended. It is due to the fact that Beethoven was a pioneer in Romantic Age.

Facts about Classical Music 2: other important composers

Besides, Mozart and Beethoven, Carl Philipp Emmanuel Bach and Joseph Haydn were considered as the other important composers during the period. Bach was the son of the great J.S. Bach. He lived in 1714 until 1788. Haydn lived in 1732 until 1809.

Classical Music Facts

Classical Music Facts

Facts about Classical Music 3: the style of classical music

The classical music had unique style. You have to listen to the music of Bach, Mozart or even Haydn to note the musical style.

Facts about Classical Music 4: Baroque music

If you compare the baroque music and classical music, the latter one has clearer and lighter texture. Talking about the complexity of the music, Baroque is more complex.

Classical Music Image

Classical Music Image

Facts about Classical Music 5: the galant style

The galant style was employed in classical music. It brought the amazing grandeur and seriousness that you can find in Baroque. In most works, the classical music is homophonic.

Facts about Classical Music 6: the instrumental music

The instrumental music was highly used in classical music. It came in the form of concerto, symphony, string quartet, trio and sonata.

Classical Music Pic

Classical Music Pic

Facts about Classical Music 7: Ludwig van Beethoven

Ludwig van Beethoven was one of the famous and popular composers during classical period. But he was also considered as Romantic composer.

Facts about Classical Music 8: the transitional musicians

Besides Beethoven, the transitional musicians included Friedrich Kuhlau, Franz Schubert, Jan Ladislav Dussek, and Fernando Sor. Get facts about Carl Orff here.

Facts about Classical Music

Facts about Classical Music

Facts about Classical Music 9: the contrast and variety

Compared to the previous era, the classical music emphasized on the more pronounced contrast and variety.

Facts about Classical Music 10: the range and size

The range and size of orchestra in classical music were bigger. Piano or fortepiano was more favorable to use than the harpsichord. Get facts about clarinet here.

Classical Music Performance

Classical Music Performance

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