10 Facts about Classical Period

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Facts about Classical Period talk about the era which took place in 1750 until 1820. This period was between the Baroque and Romantic eras. The musical style was very different from the previous Baroque era. It is less complicated. It also employs the clearer texture. The harpsichord was not used anymore during the classical period because the musicians preferred the fortepiano or piano. Let’s find out other interesting facts about classical period below:

Facts about Classical Period 1: the famous composers

There are many famous composers in classical periods. Those include Franz Schubert, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Joseph Haydn, Luigi Boccherini, Ludwig van Beethoven, Carl Friedrich Abel, Johann Stamitz, Christoph Willibald Gluck, Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach, Antonio Salieri, and many more.

Facts about Classical Period 2:the transitional musicians

There are some transitional musicians who made their pathway from Classical Period into the Romantic Period. Those are Carl Maria von Weber, Jan Ladislav Dussek, Mauro Giuliani, Friedrich Kuhlau, Luigi Cherubini and Johann Nepomuk Hummel.

Classical Period Composer

Classical Period Composer

Facts about Classical Period 3: another period of Classical Period

People often call classical period as classicism or Viennese Classic era. The name was taken from the working place of the famous composers like Beethoven, Haydn and Mozart. All of them worked in Vienna.

Facts about Classical Period 4: the melodies

The Baroque music had longer melodies than the classical music. Piano was heavily used in the later years. At first, it had lighter texture. Then the classical musicians employed the powerful and rich piano style.

Classical Period Facts

Classical Period Facts

Facts about Classical Period 5: Haydn

Haydn is one of the famous classical composers. Opus 33 string quartets were considered as his breakthrough. He made great melodic and harmonic combination.

Facts about Classical Period 6: Mozart

The classical period will never complete if we never talk about Mozart. The classical music was developed and improved because of the arrival of Mozart in Vienna in 1780. He created a new style on the operas and symphonies.

Classical Period Pic

Classical Period Pic

Facts about Classical Period 7: Muzio Clementi

Muzio Clementi was a virtuoso pianist. He had a musical duel with Mozart with the emperor. In 1780s, he was a very successful composer in London.

Facts about Classical Period 8: Domenico Scarlatti

Another important figure in classical period was Domenico Scarlatti. He was from Italy who brought the transition from Baroque music to classical music. Find facts about classical Europe here.

Classical Period

Classical Period

Facts about Classical Period 9: the new styles

The new styles of classical music were favorable in Mannheim, Vienna, Italy and Paris by the end of 1750s. Find facts about classical music here.

Facts about Classical Period 10: the string instruments

There were four string instruments standardized in classical period. Those were Contrabass, Cello, viola and violin.

Facts about Classical Period

Facts about Classical Period

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