10 Facts about Claude Debussy

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Let’s find out interesting information on facts about Claude Debussy here. He was a prominent musician and also impressionist. There are several things people don’t know about him. We can learn more by these facts.

Facts about Claude Debussy 1: His Early Life

Claude was born on August 22, 1862. He got his piano lessons when he was 7. He started to learn from Marie de Fleurville in 1871. His talents gave him the opportunity for joining Paris Conservatoire in the next year. He remained there for the next 11 years.

Facts about Claude Debussy 2: The Parents’ Opinion

His parents wanted him to be a piano virtuoso. However, Claude never achieved a good position in any competitions. In fact, he was never better than fourth. Despite his talents, he got problems in winning a competition.

Claude Debussy Facts

Claude Debussy Facts

Facts about Claude Debussy 3: As a Piano Teacher

He was once employed by a wealthy family. He decided to give piano lessons to the daughter and performed a small concert with the help of his friends. Even though his work was good, he didn’t get a satisfying acknowledgment.

Facts about Claude Debussy 4: The Prix de Rome Competition

Claude competed in the Prix de Rome competition thrice. He lost the first two competitions because the judge didn’t like the innovations made by Claude. In this 3rd attempt, he won the competition with a pride. It was in 1884.

Claude Debussy Image

Claude Debussy Image

Facts about Claude Debussy 5: The Love Life

His love life wasn’t as smooth as people think. Claude was known as a player. He had many love affairs. His last relationship was with his mistress Emma. They fled to England due to Emma’s pregnancy. They named their daughter by the combination of their names.

Facts about Claude Debussy 6: The Financial

During his life, Claude wasn’t good in the terms of finance. His parents are also had the same problem. In his adult life, he lived a comfortable life due to his fame and richness. He bought a great house and he hired some servants. However, his debts grew bigger over time due to his lifestyle. Find facts about Clara Schumann here.

Claude Debussy Young

Claude Debussy Young

Facts about Claude Debussy 7: The Unexpected Composition

During WWI, fuel and coals were rare. Only rich people were able to buy coal at that time. Debussy was broke and he decided to write his last composition to his merchant. The composition was accepted surprisingly. The name was ‘Evenings Lighted by Burning Coals’.

Facts about Claude Debussy 8: The Cancer

Claude Debussy had colorectal cancer and he needed to remove part of his colon. Unfortunately, such cancer reappeared. He died in 1918 and he was 55 years old at that time.

Facts about Claude Debussy

Facts about Claude Debussy

Facts about Claude Debussy 9: His Impressive Composition

Debussy was a talented composer. His compositional output was very impressive. He had many recognizable works including his solo piano. Find facts about classical music here.

Facts about Claude Debussy 10: The Modernist

People recognize him as an impressionist. However, he didn’t like this term when it comes to his work. He loved to be referred as a modernist, instead.

Claude Debussy Pic

Claude Debussy Pic

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