10 Facts about Claudio Monteverdi

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Facts about Claudio Monteverdi present the interesting information about the Italian composer. He was baptized on May 15th, 1657 with the full name Claudio Giovanni Antonio Monteverdi. He died on November 29th, 1643. He was famous due to his revolutionary style in his works. There were two styles of musical compositions that he developed. He preserved the new basso continuo technique of Baroque and Renaissance polyphony. Check other interesting facts about Claudio Monteverdi:

Facts about Claudio Monteverdi 1: L’Orfeo

L’Orfeo was one of the earliest operas written by Monteverdi. This opera is famous. Many people still perform it today.

Facts about Claudio Monteverdi 2: the popularity

Monteverdi was very popular when he was still alive. He received substantial fame. Talking about his early life, he was a son of Baldassare Monteverdi. His father worked as an apothecary, doctor and amateur surgeon.

Claudio Monteverdi Image

Claudio Monteverdi Image

Facts about Claudio Monteverdi 3: the place of birth

In 1567, Claudio Monteverdi was born in Cremona, Lombardy. There were five kids in the family and he was the eldest one in the family. Marc’Antonio Ingegner was the teacher who taught him during the childhood time.

Facts about Claudio Monteverdi 4: learning music

Monteverdi learned about music when he became a member of church’s choir. In 1582 and 1583, he made music for publication. He created the sacred madrigals and motets.

Claudio Monteverdi Pic

Claudio Monteverdi Pic

Facts about Claudio Monteverdi 5: the publications

Let’s find out the first five publications of Monteverdi. In 1590, Book II was published. In 1587, he published the five-part madrigals Book I. In 1584, he had Canzonette a tre voci. In 1583 and 1582, he published Madrigali Spirituali and Sacrae cantiunculae.

Facts about Claudio Monteverdi 6: the working time

Monteverdi took the job as a viol player and a vocalist in Mantua at the court Vincenzo I of Gonzaga. Then he was appointed as a music director.

Claudio Monteverdi Facts

Claudio Monteverdi Facts

Facts about Claudio Monteverdi 7: a court conductor

He was selected as the court conductor in 1602. After the death of Benedetto Pallavicino, Monteverdi took place as a master of music.

Facts about Claudio Monteverdi 8: the portrait of Monteverdi

If you to know the certain portrait of Monteverdi, you have to look at the Fiori poetici. The title page for this book featured his portrait. Find facts about classical music here.

Facts about Claudio Monteverdi

Facts about Claudio Monteverdi

Facts about Claudio Monteverdi 9: Claudia Cattaneo

Claudia Cattaneo is the name of Monteverdi’s wife. Both married in 1599. She was a court singer. In September 1607, she died. Francesco, Massimilino, and Leonora were their kids.

Facts about Claudio Monteverdi 10: as a priest

Monteverdi became a priest in 1632. Before he died, he created L’incoronazione di Poppea and Il ritorno d’Ulisse in patria. Get facts about Cliff Richard here.

Claudio Monteverdi

Claudio Monteverdi

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