10 Facts about Claudius

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Facts about Claudius tell you about the Roman Emperor. He was born on August 1st, 10 BC at Lugdunum in Gaul and died on October 13th, 54 AD. He became the emperor in 41 until 54. His parents were Drusus and Antonia Minor. Claudius came from the Julio-Claudian dynasty. He was considered as the first Roman emperor who was born outside Italy. Here are other interesting facts about Claudius:

Facts about Claudius 1: Claudius at young age

When he was a child, Claudius was sickly. Therefore, he developed a slight deafness. He was not included in the public office by the family. But he had consulship along with Caligula. He was Claudius’ nephew.

Facts about Claudius 2: the sickness of Claudius

Claudius probably was safe during the removal in the reign of Caligula and Tiberius because of his sickness. At that time, he was excluded by the family from the public office. Therefore, he was untouched in the purges. He was not seen as a serious threat.

Claudius Emperor

Claudius Emperor

Facts about Claudius 3: the assassination of Caligula

Claudius was considered as the last man in the family after Caligula was assassinated. Therefore, the Praetorian Guard declared him as the Roman Emperor.

Facts about Claudius 4: the experience

Since Claudius was excluded from the public office since his young age, he had no experience to administer the state. However, he showed an outstanding capability as an emperor.

Claudius Image

Claudius Image

Facts about Claudius 5: an ambitious builder

Claudius was not only famous as an efficient administrator. He was also called as ambitious builder. During his reign, he had constructed canals, aqueducts and roads.

Facts about Claudius 6: the public trials

Claudius was interested with public trials too. It was due to his interest in law. There is no need to wonder that he had at least 20 edicts per day.

Claudius Statue

Claudius Statue

Facts about Claudius 7: a vulnerable emperor

During his reign, he was considered as vulnerable emperor by the noble people. There were many deaths of senators since Claudius had to secure his position as a Roman Emperor. Find facts about Cicero here.

Facts about Claudius 8: the reputation of Claudius

Due to the death of many senators in his reigns, the ancient authors gave him bad reputation. But his reputation was recovered among the recent historians.

Facts about Claudius

Facts about Claudius

Facts about Claudius 9: the death

Claudius died at the age of 63 in 54 AD. It was believed that his own wife murdered him. Find facts about Claudius Ptolemy here.

Facts about Claudius 10: the successor

The successor of Claudius was Nero. He was the adopted son and grand nephew of Claudius.

Claudius Facts

Claudius Facts

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