10 Facts about Claudius Galen

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If you want to know the notable Greek philosopher, surgeon and physician, check Facts about Claudius Galen. People recognize him as Claudius Galenus, Galen of Pergamon or even Aelius Galenus. He was born in September 129 AD and died circa 200/216. There were scientific disciplines influenced by the works of Galen. Those included pathology, physiology, logic, philosophy, neurology and pharmacology. Here are some interesting facts about Claudius Galen to note:

Facts about Claudius Galen 1: the father of Galen

The father of Gales worked as an architect. His name was Aelius Nicon. He was rich. Galen became a successful philosopher and physician due to the comprehensive education that he received when he was young.

Facts about Claudius Galen 2: the place of birth

Let’s find out the birthplace of Galen. He was born in the present day Bergama, Turkey. At that time, the area was called Pergamon.

Claudius Galen Facts

Claudius Galen Facts

Facts about Claudius Galen 3: traveling

Before he decided to settle in Rome, he had traveled to various areas in the world. This extensive travel made him know a lot of medical discoveries and theories.

Facts about Claudius Galen 4: the settlement in Rome

When he settled in Rome, he became a physician for the important Roman people. Then he was appointed to serve the Roman emperors as their personal physician.

Claudius Galen Images

Claudius Galen Images

Facts about Claudius Galen 5: theory of humorism

Theory of humorism was very important in the past. It was related to the four humors. Those were phlegm, blood, yellow billow and black bile. This theory influenced the understanding of Galen related to medicine and anatomy.

Facts about Claudius Galen 6: the importance of Galen’s works

The works of Galen were very important for they had been used for more than 1,300 years. They also influenced the development of Western Medical science.

Facts about Claudius Galen

Facts about Claudius Galen

Facts about Claudius Galen 7: the anatomical reports

Galen created anatomical reports. Most of them were based on the monkey’s dissection. They were used as the main source for learning anatomy until 1543. Get facts about Charles Darwin here.

Facts about Claudius Galen 8: the circulatory system

Galen also created the works related to the circulatory system. In 1628, his works were contested by De motu cordis written by William Harvey.

Claudius Galen Picture

Claudius Galen Picture

Facts about Claudius Galen 9: nerve ligation experiments

Galen also conducted various experiment related to the nerve ligation. There is no need to wonder than in 19th century, many students still studied his works. Get facts about Charles Richter here.

Facts about Claudius Galen 10: the role of Galen

In the society, Galen was not only a physician, but he was also a philosopher.

Claudius Galen Pic

Claudius Galen Pic

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