10 Facts about Claudius Ptolemy

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Facts about Claudius Ptolemy talk about the notable astrologer, geographer, astronomer, and mathematician. People also recognized Ptolemy as a poet in Greek Anthology. He was considered as writer with Greco-Egyptian blood. He was born circa AD 100 and died circa 170. Here are other interesting facts about Claudius Ptolemy:

Facts about Claudius Ptolemy 1: the citizenship of Ptolemy

Ptolemy owned a Roman citizenship even though he settled in the city of Alexandria, Egypt. It was included as one of the Roman provinces.

Facts about Claudius Ptolemy 2: the details about his life

The few details of the life of Ptolemy are known by the people. Theodore Meliteniotes was an astronomer in 14th century who stated that the birthplace of Ptolemy was in Ptolemais Hermiou in the Thebaid. However, this statement was not proved.

Claudius Ptolemy Image

Claudius Ptolemy Image

Facts about Claudius Ptolemy 3: the place of living

There was no evidence that Ptolemy ever lived in different cities other than Alexandria. In AD 168, Ptolemy died in Alexandria.

Facts about Claudius Ptolemy 4: treatises

There were some scientific treatises that Ptolemy created. His works were important and affected the European, byzantine and Islamic science.

Claudius Ptolemy Facts

Claudius Ptolemy Facts

Facts about Claudius Ptolemy 5: the Almagest

The Almagest was the first astronomical treatise of Ptolemy. The people recognized it as The Great Treatise.

Facts about Claudius Ptolemy 6: Geography

Geography was the title of the second astronomical treatise of Ptolemy. It talked about the Greco-Roman world.

Claudius Ptolemy Pic

Claudius Ptolemy Pic

Facts about Claudius Ptolemy 7: Christopher Columbus

Christopher Columbus used the manuscript created by Ptolemy related to the geographic knowledge of the Greco-Roman world for his information as the pathway to reach Asia. It led him to discover the American land. Find facts about Claudius here.

Facts about Claudius Ptolemy 8: the third treatise

The astrological treatise was considered as the third treatise. In this treatise, he tried to make horoscope astrology adaptation.

Claudius Ptolemy

Claudius Ptolemy

Facts about Claudius Ptolemy 9: the name of Claudius

If you look at his name, Claudius, it represented the Roman name. He had the political rights and privileges as a citizen of Rome. However, the name Ptolemy was derived from Ptolemaeus. It was a Greek name. Get facts about Cleisthenes here.

Facts about Claudius Ptolemy 10: the writing

The historians believed that Ptolemy was ethnically Greek even though he was a Roman citizen. Therefore, he wrote in Greek.

Facts about Claudius Ptolemy

Facts about Claudius Ptolemy

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