10 Facts about Clay vs. Liston

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You should read the Facts about Clay vs. Liston as these will make you amused. The fight between these two legendary boxers was quite astonishing and controversial. There were some facts you must know regarding their fight, actually.

Facts about Clay vs. Liston 1: The First Fight

Both of them met in the first fight in February 1964. The location was in Miami Beach. The winner of the anticipated fight was Clay once he dominated the sixth round. Listen gave up at the seventh round.

Facts about Clay vs. Liston 2: Liston was a Great Fighter

Liston was a champion. He was considered as an intimidating fighter by his opponents. Also, he was one of the best heavyweight boxers along with Clay.

Clay vs Liston facts

Clay vs Liston facts

Facts about Clay vs. Liston 3: The Debate

There was a big debate regarding the result of the first fight. Most people considered it as a fixed fight. However, there were some witnesses saw Listen got dominated during the fight. As a result, this fighter gave up the match.

Facts about Clay vs. Liston 4: The Torn Muscle

Liston surrendered his title due to his condition. His left shoulder was hurt during the fight. He couldn’t even lift his arm during that time. His muscle was torn due to some reasons.

Clay vs Liston Image

Clay vs Liston Image

Facts about Clay vs. Liston 5: Liston was Afraid?

Some people suspected Liston’s defeat was caused by his fear of being KO’d by Ali. This suspicion indeed was believable for any people who watched the fight at that time.

Facts about Clay vs. Liston 6: Liston Overlooked Clay

Before the fight, Liston had a great confidence as he would KO Ali in a single round. He even promised a big money for that fight against Clay. The worst part he lost the match, his title, and $1.2 million dollars due to his overconfidence.

Clay vs Liston Pic

Clay vs Liston Pic

Facts about Clay vs. Liston 7: The Quick Match

The fight was quick. Ali was able to give a blow on the left eye of the current champion. In a matter of minutes, Clay had brought down the intimidating boxer ‘Liston’ onto the canvas. Check Chris Bosh facts here.

Facts about Clay vs. Liston 8: The $13,000 Dollars

Liston was about to receive $1.2 million dollars as for defending his title. However, he only received $13,000. Well, there were some taxes and unexpected management policies during that time.

Clay vs Liston

Clay vs Liston

Facts about Clay vs. Liston 9: The Mob Took Out the Money

It was a fact that the Mob robbed Liston bad. Well, they did this kind of thing quite often actually. The worst part was Liston should pay the entire taxes and costs for advertising.

Facts about Clay vs. Liston 10: The Hernia

They were going to have a rematch. However, Muhammad Ali (Cassius Clay) was hurt due to a ruptured hernia. The fight was postponed and this made Liston depressed. Get facts about Chris Paul here.

facts about Clay vs Liston

facts about Clay vs Liston

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