10 Facts about Clement Attlee

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Find out interesting Facts about Clement Attlee if you want to know the former British prime minister. He was in the office in 1945 until 1952. He was born on January 3rd, 1883 with the full name Clement Richard Attlee. He was considered as the first East Attlee. He died on October 8th, 1967. In 1935 until 1955, he became the leader of Labour Party in United Kingdom. Let’s check other interesting facts about Attlee below:

Facts about Clement Attlee 1: Deputy Prime Minister of the United Kingdom

In the Deputy Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, Attlee was considered as the first person who held the office. It was during the wartime coalition government where the leader was Winston Churchill.

Facts about Clement Attlee 2: a victory

In 1945, Attlee earned an outstanding victory in the election. In 1950, he only earned a narrow victory during the British election.

Clement Attlee Facts

Clement Attlee Facts

Facts about Clement Attlee 3: as Prime Minister

After he won the British Election, Attlee was inaugurated as the prime minister. He served for five years. He was considered as the first prime minister from Labour party who could serve in five years.

Facts about Clement Attlee 4: the record

Attlee was a symbol of the victory for Labor party. Attlee was the first person from Labour Party who commanded most members in the British Parliament.

Clement Attlee Image

Clement Attlee Image

Facts about Clement Attlee 5: the leader of Labour Party

Because of his popularity as well as impressive leadership, Attlee was appointed as the leader of the party in 1935 until 1955. He was considered as the longest serving leader in the party.

Facts about Clement Attlee 6: the first election

In 1922, Attlee was elected in Parliament as the MP for Limehouse for the first time. In 1924, Attlee took the position in the government of MacDonald as a minister.

Facts about Clement Attlee

Facts about Clement Attlee

Facts about Clement Attlee 7: Deputy Leader

Attlee served as the Deputy Leader for Labour Party after this party suffered heavy lost in 1931. Get facts about Claude McKay here.

Facts about Clement Attlee 8: George Lansbury

George Lansbury was the previous leader of Labour Party. Since Lansbury decided to resign for his position, Attlee was appointed as the new leader four years later in 1935.

Clement Attlee Pic

Clement Attlee Pic

Facts about Clement Attlee 9: Churchill war ministry

In 1940, the Labour Party was a part of the wartime coalition government of Winston Churchill. At first, he took the position as Lord Privy Seal. Two years later, Attlee became Deputy Prime Minister.

Facts about Clement Attlee 10: the discharge of coalition government

In May 1945, the coalition government was discharged after the end of World War 2 in Europe. The election was held and Attlee received a major victory in 1945. Get facts about Chris Hadfield here.

Clement Attlee

Clement Attlee

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